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Everyone uses technology in one way or another and internet is the bridge connecting all of us together. We are always on our phone using internet, browsing things or using social media apps. At home, we have our own internet connection provider but if you are going somewhere, you will be using a public Wi-Fi like the one in a hotel, a restaurant or at a mall. In this way, you are letting people or hackers access data on your device easily because when one uses public Wi-Fi, his IP address get shared to the website he using and to the internet provider. This thing makes all your information vulnerable. Someone can access it easily and can use it as well against you. If you want to avoid it, you should be having VPN on your device all the time. Apart from securing your data, virtual private network hides your location by giving you a different IP address. There are number of VPNs available and if you have to opt for the best one among all, you should go for VPN Master.

What is VPN Master based on?

VPN Master is a company providing you virtual private network services since very long. It had started working in USA in 2005 but it had started providing its VPN services in 2008. Now VPN Master has its locations at different places in Germany, UK, USA, France, Netherlands, Russia, Romania, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Iceland, Poland, Sweden and Canada. If a certain website is blocked in your country, you can unblock that with VPN Master. You can mask your identity by choosing a different IP address and you will appear as using internet from a totally different location than the actual one. You can watch online videos, surf anonymously on public Wi-Fi through VPN Master. VPN Master has upgraded and its 2018 version has multiple qualities to be talked about.

What Services Do VPN Master provide?

VPN Master is offering you three types of plans. Their monthly plan gives you unlimited bandwidth and you can set this in your system easily. This service has its servers in 14 different countries. You can avail this only in 7.95 dollars. Their other 3 monthly plan is of 5.95 dollars with servers in 14 countries and unlimited bandwidth. Their third plan provides you same service of servers in 14 countries and unlimited bandwidth in 3.95 dollars. And this yearly plan is very cheap as compare to any plan provided by any other company.

Why is VPN Master better than others?

There are so many reasons to consider VPN Master 2018 the best among all. After getting 2018 version of VPN Master, which is the latest one, on your tablet or smart phone, you can surf at high speed with unlimited bandwidth. If you love binge watching seasons and movies on Netflix, it will unblock it for you. Or even if you are fond of other websites which are blocked in your locality, it will unblock them as well for you at any time and that is for free. VPN Master is providing you fastest servers to your connections because their all servers have gigabit inputs. As you get a different IP address and your location gets changed, you can use VPN Master to bypass firewalls of public Wi-Fi, censorship, apps, location limitations, websites and internet filters which are blocked. It works with 3G, 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi and all other mobile data services. You can always rely on the quality of security provided by them. When connected to servers provided by them, your system stays secured because of 128bit encryption. Along with 128bits encryption, they are providing PPTP and L2TP protocols as well. And due to this, no one can invade your system. If you are studying in school or working in an office and that place blocks social websites to avoid their use, you can unblock them with VPN Master and enjoy using social websites. There are some websites which work only in USA. If you are living outside and want to access such websites like BBC IPlayer or Hulu, you can always do that with VPN Master. You can avail their services on Mac, iOS, Android, DD-WRT, Linux and Windows. VPN Master is providing its amazing services at most reasonable prices. If you didn’t find their services as promising as they have told, you can contact them to get your money back. And they will refund you without asking any single question. For any help or query, you can contact to their customer service department via email, phone call, their ticket system or live chat at any time. There Customer Service section has different subsections listed on their website. These subsections are Open Ticket, Knowledgebase, Network Status and Announcements. If you are a subscriber or going to become a subscriber can check status and details of your support tickets through My Support Tickets page at any time. This is a unique way of contacting customer support representative. For troubleshooting, setting up VPN on your device or for billing purposes, you can check their knowledgebase section. Information regarding monthly payment issues and account activation are present in this section. If you have problems related to VPN connection, you can look up into troubleshooting section. And, for information and tutorials on setting up VPN on your system are available in How to setup VPN section. Their customer service department is working 24/7 to provide you help you need. They will get back to you as soon as possible. Or you can find answers to your questions in their FAQs section as well which is present on its website.

How to get any plan of VPN Master?

If you want to install VPN Master 2018 on Windows 10, you have to select a plan of your choice from three options on the homepage of their website. Then a page will appear asking for details of you and how you are going to pay for it. After filling this information, you will be asked to choose payment method. You can pay in bit-coins, through credit card, Visa, American Express or your PayPal account. There were less payment options in the older version of VPN Master 2018. VPN Master 2018 offers you multiple ways to pay. Then, you will receive an email providing you with all the instruction on how to install VPN Master. You can follow those instructions to install it. After following the instructions, you are all set to use it n your browser.

Securing you data from invaders is a must thing to do while travelling and using public internet connections. If you don’t do it, your data will be hacked and can be used against you. To avoid it you must have a VPN on your system. And to choose a secured network has become easy because of VPN Master 2018 as it is the best one which is providing all the amazing services a VPN provider should offer at cheapest costs. One should definitely rely on their services once in a life time to get a better understanding of what they are selling and how beneficial that is.

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