First, for all those people who are unaware of VPN for them we will go to discuss VPN and why do people need VPN? Then afterward we will discuss VPN with free trials.

Virtual private network more commonly known as VPN is a connection method which is used to add more security and privacy on their private and public networks such as wifi, hotspot or internet. The VPN or virtual private network are used by corporations to protect their sensitive data. As personal VPN is increasing and becoming popular. Due to VPN, the privacy of a user is increased as due to VPN the user’s initial IP is concealed or replaced with one from the VPN provider. Also because of VPN, the subscribers can obtain their IP address from any gateway city which the VPN service provides. For example, a person lives in America but with the use of the Virtual private network, the person can appear to live in Canada, London or any number of gateway cities.


  • TO HIDE OUR IP ADDRESS: Due to connecting to a virtual network helps you to hide or conceals our IP address.
  • CHANGE OUR IP ADDRESS: Because of VPN, a person can get a different IP address.
  • ENCRYPT DATA TRANSFER: Over public wifi transfers, a person’s data is highly protected because of the virtual private network.
  • MASK OUR LOCATION: Due to the virtual private network allows a person to choose the country of origin for their connection.
  • ACCESS BLOCKED WEBSITES: Due to the virtual private network, a user can get on or use those websites which are blocked by the government.

Although there are so many premium VPN services now available in the markets, there are some of the trusted and if unblocking is all you are looking for then a cost-free VPN trial will definitely give you an unbeatable online experience not only this, also with zero geo-restrictions. Including to this, a Virtual private network free trial will also provide you with an adequate online protection and privacy so that a user can experience superior online freedom from anywhere, all around the world.

These are the top best 10 VPN with Free Trial:


Vypr VPN with free trial will provide its users 1GB of data usage. How long it will last depends on the user’s usage. Vypr is a fast VPN with most of the tests showing that it has only little loss of speed and few latency issues sometimes. As this company has a worldwide network of service, over 50 countries which means you don’t have to worry about the speed issue it will give you best performance and speed no matter where a user is. It has also great security features with different encryption protocols also has a proprietary chameleon system which provides maximum privacy.


  • It is one of the fastest VPNs which provides high performance.
  • Has excellent encryption and great security.
  • It is a simple and easy installation process.
  • It allows 5 simultaneous devices with a premium plan.


  • It only gives 1GB for a free trial
  • Its premium service is expensive about of 6.66/ month which is billed annually.
  • It does not keep activity logs and connection logs are kept only for 30 days.


A virgin-islands based company gives its users the best of best performance, consistency, and dedication to privacy. While it is an expensive VPN in the markets, but it provides its user a guaranteed security and robust VPN service.

This company has servers over in 90 countries which provides you and best connectivity no matter where the users are. Also, it does not have the depth of features and configurations as just like other VPNs have, the express VPN is a perfect choice for those who do not mind paying little extra for VPN with worldwide access and best usability. The company provides a 30-day money back guarantee. With this, you can access and enjoy all the features with unlimited usage of data and if you face any problem or you changed your mind towards another route simply you can end your subscription and get your refund. It will cost total about $12.95/month or $8.32/month for a yearly subscription.


The NordVPN is also known for its friendly interface as well as for its budget-friendly, affordability also discounts to allowing users for a longer subscription. The company has its servers around 60 countries which ultimately means it will provide the best experience to its users. The company has great ensuring privacy as the company is based in Panama. Not only this it supports five different encryptions protocols. The company will provide you with 3 days of free trial or 30-days money back guarantee. Also has best deals for subscription of $4/month of 2 years of subscription.


Cactus is a new competitor in the VPN line. But after its release, it successfully established its great reputation in the market. With providing an overall good package of performance, security, and usability. But this company has currently servers in 3 countries as united states, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


  • It has excellent speed and performance
  • Provides the best security protocols.
  • The rate is standard only $5/month.


  • Has limited servers.
  • The connectivity logs are kept only for 3 days.
  • Gives only 24 hours of free trial.

Hidemyass VPN:

HidemyAss is a long-standing competitor in the VPN industry. It is suitable for those who are concerned with a great interface, ease of use. This VPN allows its users to connect more than 2 devices and also allows the users to change VPN protocols and ad blocking. It has an overall good performance with standard security also has friendly packages for its users. It gives free trial in way of 30-days of money back guarantee.


It is a highly regarded VPN product for about a decade, which gives its users a 7-days of money back guarantee. It not only provides the best and great performance, features also provides encryption protocols, also gives the best available options for bypassing geo-restriction and privacy while traveling in a remote part of the world to its users.

Hence this VPN is a little expensive if you purchased month to month (10.95) and in 6 months of the plan which is about $8.95/month, but it gives you special discounts for a longer plan. While a 2 year of subscription comes at a price of $2.95/month.


It is an Israel-based company which has a great reputation for its flexibility and customer support.


  • This VPN have great performance with a reasonable price of $3.49/month for 2 years of the plan.
  • Have servers in many remote areas and region.
  • The company has 700 plus servers in 60 plus countries.
  • Safer VPN is easy to install.


  • It does not keep connectivity logs.

HIDE ME VPN: VPN provides its users a free trial no credit card feature. So that you can experience different benefits such as the best free trial of this VPN.


  • HIDE.ME VPN provides 256-bit military grade encryption which offers various tunneling of protocols to its users.
  • Provides 2GB usage of data to its users.


  • The only con it has is that it does not have VPN trial redirect feature.


It is another best VPN which provides a free trial to its new users. Which allows its users to enjoy free version of hassle-free. Not only this it allows you to unlock some other features and also you can enable to unblock any of your desired media content rapidly.


In the list of best VPNs, the wind scribe holds its position strongly. Providing the best features and services. it provides 10 GB+ free VPN service as for starter for a whole month. With tonnes of other features, it allows its users to attain online freedom also anonymity straight-a-way.


  • It offers compatibility features to its users with 11 servers of location in different countries.
  • It supports P2P activities.


  • It only provides 10 GB to its users for a month.