A Brief Introduction About VPN And Top 10 Free VPN

First, we will explain the actual meaning, reasons, structure, and usage of VPN, after that, we will explain about the top VPN with free trials. So, this could be helpful for those who are not fully aware of with VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The VPN is a technology that provides an encrypted connection over your Internet. When you are connected with the VPN then you are protected from the interception of logins & passwords, it means that your visiting history is not accessible in front of everyone as well as you forget about the blocking sites. It applies to torrents and any other supposedly banned sites.

You can also block access to the site of any payment system. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the name of a technology that provides the creation and overlay of one or more networks on top of any other user network. How the VPN works? Your computer has a specific IP address that blocks access to certain sites. You enable VPN technology through any program or extension. VPN changes your address from the server of another country, for example, Holland, UK or Germany etc.

Thus, a secure connection is created that is unable to block by the provider. As a result, you get a secure protocol, which allows you to visit any Internet site. VPN operates according to the following principle that is Connect and operate; it does not require any additional settings. The whole process of connection takes a couple of minutes and is very simple.

What is the main function of the VPN?

A VPN is an absolutely secure channel that connects your device to the Internet with anyone else on the global network, and if it’s even simpler than you can imagine it more figuratively, without connecting to a VPN service. With the use of VPN your house turns into an impregnable fortress, it is simply impossible to violate its protection.

VPN easily replaces your real IP with the help of a front-end. You are invisible in your network if you use VPN. Meanwhile, you can go to any site, and see that you are visible or not, for instance, you can change your IP with any country. Due to using VPN, you are not afraid anymore of facing the blocking sites. Through the Encrypts connection, you can work from anywhere. It means, it doesn’t matter that you lived in the UK or not. Probably, you are thinking about the following question:

  • What does a system admin or the provider generally see when you are not using VPN? The whole history of your surfing, without any exception sites that you are visiting.
  • What does the system provider see when you work through VPN? The system provider checks that you logged in with the help of VPN or not. Also, attackers will not be able to recognize them due to encryption when they intercept the data.

In total, with the substitution of IP and encryption of traffic, you become completely anonymous.

Structure and types of technology

The whole technology works in two layers. The first is the internal network; the second is the external one. When you connect to the technology, the system identifies your network, and afterward sends an authentication request. This technology is very similar to authorization in any social network; everything is done through secure protocols and without the participation of the provider.

The virtual networks themselves are also divided into several categories. The main classification goes according to the degree of protection, and the user can use both paid VPNs and free ones.

The difference between paid VPNs and free ones is a secure connection. For example, systems with a subscription will give you secure protocols such as PPTP, IPsec, and others. While free VPNs are more likely to provide only “trusted” channels. Meanwhile, your network itself should be strongly protected, and the VPN will only enhance the level of protection.

To be honest, the biggest disadvantage of free VPN services is not only about security but the stability and speed of the connection. Through a free VPN, we will most likely work very slowly, and not always stable. Subscription to paid VPN does not exceed 10 dollars a month, but it is not necessary for every user.

Reasons to use VPN

The principle of VPN operation is simple and transparent for the end user. At the time of your connecting to the network, a virtual tunnel is created between your device and the rest of the Internet, so that blocking any attempts from outside to get inside is helpful. Thus, the work of the VPN remains absolutely transparent and inconspicuous. Your personal, business correspondence, Skype or telephone conversations can never intercept or overheard. All your data is encrypted with a special encryption algorithm, hacking which is almost impossible.

In addition to protecting from intrusion from outside, the VPN provides an opportunity to virtually visit any country throughout the world; also you can use the network resources of these countries as well as watch television channels that were previously unavailable. The VPN will replace your IP address with any other one. To do this, you will only need to select a country from the list, for example, the Netherlands and all the sites. So, the services allow you to visit automatically and assume that you are in this country.

Everyone needs to use VPN technology, and that’s why:

  • Data protection: Especially suitable for those users who like to connect to the neighbor’s Wi-Fi connection. Such situations include sitting in a cafe and in general at any points with free Wi-Fi.
  • Complete anonymity: When you open a new tab with the site, this action will be displayed on the provider’s server, so that any employee of the company can track your travel on the Internet. By enabling the VPN, you hide the history of your views or visits, since you are using a different IP address.
  • The ability to surf the Internet without obstacles: Bookmakers, online casinos, torrents, forums, adult sites, and all the Internet underground is again available for you, like previous days.
  • Use of foreign resources: This is unlikely that you will use English-language services, but still get full access to all the popular sites around the world you are provided.

How do I use a VPN on my computer?

Consider the situation when we use a regular browser and want to visit blocked sites. In this situation, you can go in two ways:

  1. Install the VPN client (program) on the PC;
  2. Add an extension to the browser via the Web store.

Steps of installation:

  • To install the VPN, you need to download the program on the Internet
  • Run the installation file and install the software.
  • Run it, press “Connect” and all.

The problem is that the program automatically gives us a random IP address, and as a result, we cannot select a country, but when we press just one button, we already use the VPN.

The second way is to add extensions. Registration is required to use this service, plus, extensions have the properties of “take off”. But the extension is much easier to use, so click on the icon in the browser, select the country and profit. At the moment there are thousands of similar programs, you can choose any of them, for example, “Hotspot Shield”. Add the extension to the browser, go through the registration and there will not be any more technical issues.

How to use VPN on mobile devices?

We will consider those devices that have onboard popular OS, for example, IOS or Android.

Using the VPN on smartphone or tablets is also implemented quite simply and namely, through mobile applications. The problem is that some programs require root-rights, and the possibility of turning the phone into a “brick”. So look for those programs that do not require root-rights from you. On Android, for example, it’s OpenVPN, and on iOS, it’s Cloak. Also on the iPhone and iPad, you can use the free and tested Opera VPN for iOS.

  • The download technology is very simple, you need to download the application from the Play Market or AppStore, install it on your device.
  • Next, activate the VPN, select the profile (from where we get the IP address),
  • then, the connection is made

Now you are surfing the Internet via VPN, which you will be informed about by the application you are using. So, it’s important to understand how the VPN technology is implemented, also your stay on the network will become more secure, anonymous, and most important, affordable and unlimited for us.

How the VPN connection actually works?

When a connection is made via VPN, the header of the message sends information about the IP address of the VPN server and the remote route. Encapsulated data passing through a public or public network cannot be intercepted since all information is encrypted. The VPN stage of encryption is implemented on the sender’s side, and the recipient’s data is disappearing by the message header (if there is a common encryption key).

After the correct interpretation of the message between the two networks, a connection is established, which also allows you to work in a public network, for example, to exchange data with the client. As for information security, the Internet is an extremely unprotected network, and the VPN network with OpenVPN, L2TP / IPsec, PPTP, PPPoE protocols is a completely secure and secure way of data transmission.

What is a VPN channel?

VPN tunneling is used:

  • Inside the corporate network;
  • For the integration of remote offices, as well as small offices;
  • For servicing digital telephony with a large set of telecommunications services;
  • For access to external IT resources;
  • For the construction and implementation of videoconferences.

Why do I need VPN?

How can VPN works be brought endlessly? For example, on any computer or the corporate network, when installing a secure VPN connection, you can use e-mail to check messages, publish content from anywhere in the country, or download files from torrent networks. Meanwhile, the VPN connection is necessary for:

  • Anonymous work on the Internet;
  • Download applications, in case the IP address is located in another region of the country;
  • Safe work in the corporate environment using communications;
  • Simplicity and convenience of connection settings;
  • Ensuring high speed of connection without breakage;
  • Creating a secure channel without hacker attacks.

Access via VPN on the phone like an iPhone or any other Android device, simply allows you to keep anonymity when using the Internet in public places, and also to prevent the interception of traffic and hacking of the device. A VPN client installed on any OS that allows you to bypass many settings and rules of the provider if the provider has set some restrictions. 

Which VPN to choose for the phone?

Mobile phones and smartphones on Android OS can use applications from the Google Play market:

  • VPNRoot, droidVPN,
  • Tor browser for surfing networks
  • In Browser, or fox (Firefox + tor),
  • SuperVPN Free VPN Client
  • OpenVPN Connect
  • Tunnel Bear VPN
  • Hideman VPN

Most of these programs are for the convenience of the hot configuration of the system that is placed to launch shortcuts and anonymous surfing the Internet while choosing the type of connection encryption. But the main tasks of using the free VPN on the phone such as checking corporate mail, creating video-conferences with several participants, and holding meetings outside the organization.

What type of VPN to choose an iPhone?

Depending on the type of network that is supported, when you first start the VPN configuration in the iPhone, you can choose the following protocols: L2TP, PPTP, and Cisco IPsec. In addition, you can make a VPN connection using third-party applications.

All listed protocols support encryption keys, user authentication with a password and certification. Among the additional functions when configuring the VPN profile in the iPhone, you can note RSA security, encryption level and authorization rules for connecting to the server.

Which is worth choosing VPN for iPhone?

  • Free application Tunnel bear, through which you can connect to the VPN servers of any country.
  • OpenVPN connects is one of the best VPN clients. Here, to run the application, you must first import RSA keys through iTunes to your phone.
  • The cloak is a shareware application because for a while the product can be “used” for free, but to use the program after the demo period, you will have to be purchased it.
  • VPN creation like hardware selection and configuration
  • For corporate communication in large organizations or the unification of offices away from each other, they use hardware that can support uninterrupted, secure work in the network.
  • To implement VPN-technologies in the role of a network gateway can act as a UNIX server, a Windows server, a network router and a network gateway on which a VPN is raised.
  • A server or device used to create an enterprise VPN network or a VPN channel between remote offices must perform complex technical tasks and provide a full range of services to users on both workstations and mobile devices.
  • Any router or VPN router must provide reliable operation on the network without “hangs”. And the built-in VPN function allows you to change the network configuration for working at home, in an organization or a remote office.

Why Considering the Best VPN service is Preferable?

Comparing more than 150 services that provide VPN services, we identified an unconditional leader that fully meets all quality criteria that is Private Internet Access (PIA). In January 2017, the PIA received another award for its excellent service.

The speed of VPN-gateways reaches several gigabits, so the user does not even notice the difference when switching to a dedicated IP. Simple connection takes no more than a couple of seconds, and flexible settings allow you to configure the VPN of your dreams. Or you can entrust everything to automation because there’s someone who is more convenient.

In the light of recent actions by Roskomnadzor, the Obzorio team re-checked the VPN services listed in this rating to identify the “Best VPN for Telegram” and they have to admit that the previously selected VPN (Private Internet Access) is the Best only strengthened its position.

Among the undeniable advantages of the server:

Complete anonymity: The difference between Private Internet Access is that after its use there is absolutely no data left. This advantage is provided by a complex branched functional, to which competitors still have to grow up. Unlike other services, Private Internet Access does not leave even the so-called “circles on water”; according to which professionals collect data on the activity and personalities of anonymous users.

The absence of surveillance of subscribers. The service does not store any data, offering the user to do the same. Even payment can be done anonymously. When Private Internet Access notifies that it does not store data about its customers, it means even basic information that any other service will keep on its servers without any treacherous intentions.

A maximum number of encryption methods. The more methods and protocols available – the less likely a hacker attack. The server itself recommends using AES 128, SHA1 and RSA2048.

A huge list of available output servers (over 1000, in 10 countries). The server can be selected manually or automatically.

Support for most existing gadgets and operating systems. You can use Private Internet Access on each of your devices: a paid subscription allows you to connect five computers (tablets, smartphones), regardless of their technical characteristics and location.

About Free VPNs

When choosing, it should be remembered that it is free VPN that always has restrictions on the amount of traffic and data transfer speed. So there can be a situation where you simply cannot continue to use the free VPN.

Don’t forget that free VPNs are not always stable and often overloaded. Even if you do not exceed the limit, data transfer can be delayed for a long period of time due to the high load on the VPN server. Paid VPN services are characterized by high throughput, no restrictions, both on traffic and speed, and the level of security is higher than for free ones.

These are the top best 10 VPN with Free Trial:


These are the top best 10 VPN with Free Trial:

Vypr VPN

VyprVPN provides great features, performance, and add-ons benefits. VyprVPN is undeniably among the best VPN services because it is user-friendly and working perfectly on mobile devices. VyprVPN is absolutely reliable service that is helpful for military-grade encryption; also it provides the Kill Switch service and eliminates DNS leakage.


  • It is included in the fastest VPN
  • Multiple Encryption Protocols (PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, Chameleon)
  • No Bandwidth Caps
  • It has a simple installation process
  • It allows a premium plan with 5 simultaneous devices
  • NAT Firewall Offered


  • It only gives 1GB for a free trial
  • It also offers a premium service that is quite expensive
  • It doesn’t offer connection logs and active logs for only 30 days’ trial.
  • No Anonymous Payments Accepted


ExpressVPN offers unbeatable performance and reliability while maintaining the user’s privacy. ExpressVPN stands first when it comes too reliably, streaming, and unblocking all the major services like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer or Amazon Prime Video. ExpressVPN isn’t the cheapest provider, with over 148 locations in 94 countries; it offers fast and reliable connections throughout the world.


  • Unblocks Amazon Prime, Netflix, iPlayer and etc.
  • 24/7 live customer service
  • 148 locations in 94 countries
  • It keeps no logs


  • A little more expensive than rivals
  • Limited advanced configuration power


NordVPN offers a user to use up to two devices at a time. NordVPN allows iOS, Windows and Mac users to choose between protocols that is encryption methods. It is a protecting network device instead of individual devices like other VPN services. The NordVPN offers more than 80 servers throughout the world.


  • Excellent value
  • Fast support service
  • Enhanced Security
  • Possibility to pay with Bitcoin


  • Unstable servers and software
  • Low-quality streaming


When we choose a quality VPN provider, we persistently figure out the number of servers, IP addresses, and country coverage. The CactusVPN offers us what you need with the smallest number of servers. CactusVPN operates in 9 countries with 20 different locations.

Furthermore, CactusVPN made a list of sites that can be unlocked using their service. And if your site is not on the list, then you are not entitled to demand a refund. The system works on certain sites in certain devices.


  • Excellent speed indicator
  • Stable server and software
  • Reasonable price
  • Absence of logs
  • Excellent speed and performance
  • Payment opportunity with Bitcoin


  • Additional costs for the DNS server service to unlock Netflix
  • Logs are kept only for 3 days.
  • Offer only 1-day trial

HideMyAss VPN:

Service HideMyAss has servers in about 200 countries, so you can use the service around the world, local and far from home. HideMyAss VPN gives you privacy and freedom, and so you don’t worry that someone will track you or steal your data.

HideMyAss is suitable for those who have a great interface. Meanwhile, the HideMyAss VPN allows connecting only on two devices. Additionally, users can change the ad-blocking or VPN protocols. It has friendly packages as well as provide overall good performance. There is also a free trial service for using HideMyAss VPN.


  • A huge server network – more than 760 servers in 190+ countries
  • High speed
  • Convenient desktop and mobile applications
  • OpenVPN support
  • Excellent opportunities to bypass access locks
  • 30-day money-back guarantee (valid until you spend 10 GB of traffic)


  • British laws require HMA to maintain logs and store user metadata
  • A meager range of functions
  • Only OpenVPN protocol is supported


PureVPN is located in Hong Kong, outside the jurisdiction of the United States and the European Union. In 2006, PureVPN offers a service that includes a full-featured application and an impressive range of servers around the globe. Works well with Netflix and other popular stream-services for the promised protection they take not so much and big money.

For many VPN users who often watch live streams and want to improve their security while browsing on the go, PureVPN is a worthy choice, given its low cost for a 12-month tariff and an excellent choice of servers, some of which are very attractive for their performance. However, it should be noted that this economy goes sideways. There are a lot of good ideas and functions in the service application, but everything is very slow and does not provide the promised functionality. Moreover, if the paramount task is to achieve the maximum level of security, then PureVPN is not good for you


  • Quality Customer Service
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • DNS leak protection
  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Excellent mobile apps


  • You will be able to forward HTTPS ports and SOCKS5 proxy


SuperVPN is located in the USA and stands out for being one of the few services that offer a worthy trial period (which lasts one day, but all functions are fully available) and a money back guarantees. SuperVPN also has an extension for the Chrome browser, which complements their main client. In addition, there is a referral system where you and your friend can get free monthly access to all the functions of the service.

SuperVPN applications are well designed, very easy to use and show very high performance. And things just got better, because recently the applications have been updated. The choice of servers is constantly improving, although at the moment it is very limited. But the service covers most popular sites, providing a high density of servers.


  • It comes with a reasonable price
  • Provide reliable and great performance
  • Have servers in different regions and remote area
  • The company have more than 700 server


  • It doesn’t support connected logs

Hide.me VPN:

Malaysian company Hide.me VPN has been working in the VPN industry for more than 5 years and serves more than 5 million users worldwide. It is known that VPN provides excellent performance and privacy protection.

Hide.me is a free VPN service that has been working since 2011. Servers of the service are located in 24 countries, there is a free trial period with a restriction on traffic and two paid tariffs. The application works on almost all operating systems.


  • It provides 256-bit military grade encryption
  • It gives 2GB usage of data


  • It doesn’t provide VPN trial redirect feature.


ProtonVPN offers applications for Windows and Android devices, while others require manual configuration. Mobile applications on a par with the desktop client are very functional, convenient and understandable to the user, although there are not enough pairs of strokes to make enjoyment as enjoyable as possible.


  • Unlimited traffic (even in the free version).
  • Encryption of traffic AES-256, using 2048-bit RSA.
  • Support bulbous routing Tor.
  • VPN-protocol OpenVPN
  • Protection against VPN traffic leaks.
  • Clients for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.
  • Customers for Android and iOS mobile devices.


  • Only OpenVPN protocol is supported

Wind scribe VPN:

Wind scribe is a new VPN service launched in 2016. It has strong privacy features, which outweighs the fact that the service is in Canada with their not very enjoyable laws. Their privacy policy, which they call for people and it, clearly indicates that they collect and store connection metadata in the minimum amount; also it describes how they are used. In addition to confidentiality, the firewall/kill switches functions, and the DNS leakage blocking.


  • It is anonymity straight-a-way as well as attain online freedom
  • It only supports P2P


  • It offers only 10 GB data

So, these are the brief introduction about VPN and the top free VPN service all over the world. We are hopeful that the information will be beneficial to you.