Website: www.PrivateInternetAccess.com
Company: London Trust Media, Inc. (United States)
Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, SSTP
Servers: 2906+ Servers in 20 Countries
Best Price: $6.95 / Month (Grab This Deal)[/one_half]


If you want complete anonymity, Private Internet Access (PIA) is the right option for you and there are reasons to prove this claim. As you proceed further with this Private Internet Access review, you will come to know amazing features that PIA has to offer. As the name suggests, Private Internet Access, they really live up to its name. They have great combination of privacy policy along with some of the cheapest rates you will find online. PIA is the loved and preferred by most of the VPN enthusiasts proven by their positive Private Internet Access reviews.

Policy Highlights

The most liked feature of Private Internet Access is no logging policy they offer. No logging means complete anonymity and peace of mind. You are 100% sure that no body is watching your online traffic. They may help law enforcement agencies to curb online crimes. They offer seamless peer-to-peer with unlimited bandwidth and astonishing speed.

[tabby title=”Customer Support”]
They have excellent customer support network and you can be sure that you are covered everywhere. But this is also fun fact that you will be using their customer service very rarely as their service is always up to the expectations and people hardly face any difficulty. But for the sake of this Private Internet Access review, we tried their three available options which are email support, live chat and community support forum. Their response time is very good; you can expect reply from one of the Private Internet Access representatives within few hours. You can also browse their community support forum to find the already addressed issues and problems.

[tabby title=”Features”]
It is general observation that those VPNs which have user friendly interface are more successful than others. In the case of Private Internet Access, they have got one of the simplest software as compared to other VPN providers. We will mention some of the features in this Private Internet Access review as well. But this doesn’t mean that they lack on advanced features for expert level users but simply they do not have all those flashy and sparkling variables that other VPN software have.

Along with ease of use, they provide various other features as well including unlimited bandwidth, uncapped speed, compatibility with all common mobile phones and tablets, no traffic logging and simultaneous connection of 5 devices.

According to various Private Internet Access reviews, their cross device compatibility is excellent but we cannot compare it with other leading VPN service providers. There is little room for improvement in this area. One of the most loved feature as expressed in Private Internet Access reviews is no logging policy which every user wants. They never log user data, since they don’t have logs they cannot provide it to any agency or anyone.

[tabby title=”Pricing & Discount”]
You can say easily say that PIA is the most affordable VPN option available in the market due to their flexible price plans. PIA offers two simple price plans. Either you can avail VPN service for one month for $6.95 or one year for just $39.95 ($3.30/month). This is one of the lowest priced VPN service in our best 5 VPN reviews. PIA offers great value for your money and anonymity according to various online Private Internet Access reviews.

[tabby title=”Servers & Countries”]
As we mentioned earlier in this Private Internet Access review that their speed is amazing and this is because they have over 2906 servers scattered in 20 different countries. They have servers in most of the frequently used countries including but not limited to USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Germany, Hong Kong. You can choose country according to your own preference to access geo blocked content.

[tabby title=”Reliability & Speed Test”]
Private Internet Access was found amazingly good and above the line when tested to surf the web with 2Mbps capped speed. The only downfall of PIA comes when you use it with P2P file sharing. According to various Private Internet Access reviews, their P2P speed is always 5 – 10% slow as compared to normal surfing speeds. VPN garage used and tested Private Internet Access for one complete day and upon testing on various servers we faced no disconnects. So in this Private Internet Access review we give them full marks for speed and reliability test.



Private Internet Access is the most affordable, reliable, speedy and confidential VPN network we have ever reviewed at VPN garage. We highly recommend Private Internet Access for those who want complete anonymity for less money. They have user friendly software with cross platform compatibility which makes them stand out among others. Various online Private Internet Access reviews are evident of this claim.