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Website: www.ipvanish.com
Company: IPVanish (United States)
Protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec
Servers: 234+ VPN Servers in 61+ Countries
Regular Price: $10.00 / Monthly
Special Promo: $6.49 / Monthly (Grab This Deal)

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Some people say money can’t buy happiness, may be they do not know about IPVanish since it’s quite the same thing. Browsing internet and keeping your identity safe and hidden is a difficult task but it is no more difficult with best one of the best VPN software IPVanish. In this IPVanish review you will come to know about a lot of useful things which will help you win making right decision.

What is a VPN & How it Works?

Many people do not know what a VPN actually is. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service which secures your internet connection and protects your identity. It also saves you from various online threats by keeping your information safe and anonymous. Another function which VPN performs is to bypass all the internet censorship and open gates your boundless web browsing. There are various VPN services available and IPVanish is of the best VPN services you will ever come across based on various positive IPVanish reviews.


About IPVanish

IPvanish is our number 1 VPN provider with services which are just above the mark and very easy to use. Actual users admitted this fact in their IPVanish reviews online. The best thing about IPVanish is its cross platform support. It means that you can use your IPVanish on PC, Mac and most of the mobile devices. Single VPN service can do the magic on all your devices.
Another great feature is their speed. You might be using IPVanish on multiple devices yet you will never feel lagged. They have 100% positive IPVanish review about this. This is because they have a wide coverage with 234 server location in 62 major countries with the most reliable networks. In addition to all this, they also have no lagging policy which makes IPVansih superior to other services and exceptionally outclass. Despite all these things, if you ever face any difficulty or problem, their 24/7 customer support network is there to help you out from any situation.

[tabby title=”Customer Support“]
Customer support is the backbone of customer satisfaction. You can never satisfy your customer if you do not provide them with excellent customer support. Although many IPVanish reviews claim that they provide 24/7/365 customer support but they do not have live chat feature which various other service providers have.

Their support over email is above the mark. Based on various IPVanish reviews, customers get replies within few minutes of putting the query to IPVanish support. So, in this IPVanish review we can affirm their claim that they do have 24/7/365 customer and tech support but there is some room for improvement.
[tabby title=”Features and Services“]
Reading this IPVanishreview is all about great features and ease of access which IPVanish is offering. Talking about powerful features of IPVanish one can never out see the most amazing feature which is cross device compatibility. This simply means that you can enjoy boundless internet browsing and IPVanish VPN service on all commonly used Windows versions along with MacOS and Ubuntu.

Another great thing which was acclaimed in various IPVanish reviewsis that IPVanish treats all the users equally. This means that no matter you have 6 month, annual or monthly plan, you will enjoy all IPVanish services.

Not only this, you can enjoy the same features of IPVanish VPN n hand held devices such as android smartphones, iPhones, iPads and tablets supporting iOS and android. This is the most unique selling proposition for IPVanish.

Other VPN service providers maintain logs but IPVanish has clear no log policy. This promises 100% anonymity and online security. You can browse whatever you want; nobody is keeping an eye on you. We not only satisfy our customer with seamless speed but delight them with unmatched VPN services.

[tabby title=”Plans and Pricing“]
In this part of IPVanish review you will be told about the price plans of IPVanish. Since there are a number of VPN services available and they claim to be very cheap and affordable but IPVanish is undoubtedly the best among all.

You can get the IPVanish privacy for as low as $7.50 per month or $58.49 yearly ($4.87 per month). You can also have 3 months package plan for $20.24/month. You can even have a 7 day free trial with 100% money back guarantee. Isn’t it amazing??? So what are you waiting for? You can get the most priceless thing in this price i.e. Privacy.

[tabby title=”Location“]
When selecting a VPN service one should evaluate a number of aspects including number of servers and locations represented by those servers. IPVanish provides access to over 225 servers which are scattered in more than 60 countries. This means that you can connect to nay server of your choice from any country you prefer. This way you can have access to most types of the content which are available in selected countries only. Furthermore you can have access to more than 25000 IPs with various value added features. This claim was proved by hundreds of online IPVanish reviews.


IPVanish Review by customers

Since IPVanish has android app which you can easily download from Google Play Store. Google has live experience sharing option in their store with real product reviews from actual users. IPvanish has overall positive reviews with average of 3.5 out of 5. Most of the IPVanish reviews were with 5 stars. People on twitter also gave positive IPVanish reviews. Most of the users were satisfied with VPN service.


After in depth analysis and testing on various parameters, the conclusion of this IPVanish review is significantly positive. IPVanish review was positive due to various tempting features like highly competitive pricing plans, across the device compatibility, no log policy. In addition to this you also get detailed tutorials on how to use IPVanish effectively. Even if you have any problem, you can contact their 24/7/365 support network. VPN Garage strongly recommends IPVanish.