VyprVPN Review [2021] – Is VyprVPN Safe?

Whenever we talk about digital security, people think that only having an antivirus is enough and it can save their online identity and keep them safe from various online threats.

We are not saying that antiviruses are useless, they do provide certain layers of security but for complete anonymity, you need a good VPN service.

Talking about the best VPN services available in the market the first name which pops up in the mind is VyprVPN. VPN Garage has brought this VyprVPN review to make you aware of the awesome features which this high-end VPN service has. Keep reading this VyprVPN review and keep exploring the internet security you need.

Pricing & Discounts:

Nothing worth having comes easy and cheap. But this proposition seems to be wrong in the case of VyprVPN. Since the VyprVPN has been owned and operated by one of the giants in the digital security industry, Golden Frog Network.

They have been serving the online community for staggering 15 years. Golden Frog Network is dedicated to bringing the most reliable and affordable internet privacy options for the users and for this they have introduced VyprVPN.

Many VyprVPN reviews claim that they offer the most affordable price plans when it comes to VPN services.

VyprVPN comes in four different packages, Free, Basic, Pro, and Premier. The free trial is for three days then you have to choose one of the packages.

Various online VyprVPN reviews suggest not to choose the basic package as it comes with limited security options. While Pro and premier offer great services which include but are not limited to 3 simultaneous connections, 50GB cloud storage starting from just $4.98/month.

While limited payment options have been cited as one of the problems in most of the VyprVPN reviews. They do not accept BitCoin. You can pay via Credit Card & PayPal.

Servers & Countries:

When choosing the VPN service, one should give attention to the number of servers they have as it will affect the service quality.

You will not find any VyprVPN review without mention of server locations and countries. VyprVPN possesses 700+ servers which are spread in over 48 countries. VyprVPN also offers a staggering 200,000 IP addresses.

The strong point in this VyprVPN review is that they offer unlimited IP and server switching so it will take a while when you will use the same IP address twice.

VyprVPN has servers in almost every part of the world with large propositions in North America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia, while some smaller ones are placed in South America as well. The only drawback they have is server absence in African countries.

Reliability & Speed Test:

Reliability and speed tests are integral parts of any VPN review so how we can miss this part in our VyprVPN review. Their speeds are absolutely fantastic as expected.

You will feel little to no difference while using the internet with and without VyprVPN in terms of speed. For this VyprVPN review, we tested the connection with VyprVPN for a full day.

We found no disconnection with the server we were using. We tested a number of servers and found similar results.

And when it comes to reliability, VyprVPN also got full marks for every VyprVPN review you will find online. There is no third party involved in the process.

They have their own servers and all the information is contained in their servers. They have a strict policy of not sharing data with anyone at any cost.

So using VyprVPN you will have complete peace of mind that your data is in safe hands.

Software & Features:

Your VyprVPN comes laden with a lot of features. Besides having fantastic speed results, a dedicated private network, a network spanning across 43 countries with 700+ servers and 200,000 IP addresses as we have previously mentioned in this VyprVPN review, VyprVPN also offers great software and apps.

One of the most important features which all the users liked is that they maintain the same theme across all their platforms so you don’t feel alienated when using VyprVPN on any other device.

VyprVPN offers support for almost all major devices and platforms including but not limited to Chromebook, Boxee, Synology, and DDWRT. Based on various VyprVPN reviews, it runs smoothly on Android, iOS, and Linux as well. Cross-device compatibility is the plus point that VyprVPN enjoys over its competitors.

Along with VyprVPN, you also get a DumpTruckonline storage account for free.

Customer Support:

Strong and efficient Customer Support is the backbone of any online service. People prefer those services which have customers covered 24/7/365. According to various online VyprVPN reviews, they have excellent Customer Support.

You can put your query or problem via Email to the best team of customer support agents. They normally respond back within hours depending on the query and question asked.

Another option that you can utilize is their FAQ/Forum section. VPN garage found VyprVPN’s FAQ page one of the most organized pages VPN services had.

They have all the relevant information present there which is well organized in different categories. You don’t really have to search for the information you need. You will find it quite easily.

They had these two options earlier but they have currently added live chat option which has put them ahead of their competitors in terms of customer support.

Policy Highlights:

VyprVPN has some of the most easy-to-use policy guidelines which a layman can read and understand quite straightforwardly. Some of the main policy highlights which a user should know is given in this VyprVPN review:

  • VyprVPN stores user’s source IP address
  • The VyprVPN IP address used by the user
  • Start and end time of connection
  • Total amount of data used

VyprVPN stores this data for just 30 days and that is for billing and other troubleshooting issues. They can share this information with law enforcement agencies if compelled by a subpoena. However, they never log user traffic and the contents of the communication.


To conclude this VyprVPN review, VyprVPN is a good value for your money. They offer great speed, reliability, and free cloud storage. Their 15 years of experience in the IT industry gives them an edge over other VPN service providers.

They understand their customers well. Their cross-platform compatibility is another jewel in their realm.

VPN garage did found some shortcomings while doing this VyprVPN review like there are some DNS leak issues that have been faced by some users of VyprVPN.

They do not accept Bitcoin which may cause problems for some potential customers. Overall VyprVPN returns the great value for your money.

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