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VPN Gate Review [2021] – Is VPN Gate Safe?

VPN Gate:

It is a freemium privacy solution, introduced in Japan. Eventually, VPN Gate became enormously popular with the addition of encryption protocols and privacy features. Interestingly, VPN Gate works with numerous voluntarily-run VPN servers that work under decentralized control.


  • Free of cost
  • Globally spread servers
  • The wide range of encryption protocols (SSL, L2TP/ IPSec, OpenVPN, MS-SSTP)
  • Unlimited data
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Protect against DNS leaks and WebRTC leaks


  • Lack of customer support
  • logging policy is unreliable
  • Features:

  • Cost : Free
  • of servers: 9208
  • Multi-login: None
  • Money Back Guarantee: None
  • Encryption Level: 256 bit
  • Bandwidth offered: Unlimited 

VPN Gate Work Review:

The service consists of various VPN servers are located around the globe. One’s own computer as a VPN server of VPN Gate hassle-free.

Our VPN Gate review reveals that the provider accepts various connections of the users globally.

VPN Gate Downloading Review:

Service is a user-friendly website.  One can get the solution of queries straight away. Furthermore, you can download the relevant software for your Windows, Android, Mac and iOS devices.

Pricing Plans & Payment Methods Review:

VPN Gate is a freemium service, accessed globally and absolutely free. However, pricing plans may change in the future.

Server List Review:

VPN Gate has massive servers infrastructure of about 9208 public VPN, distributed across prime regions of the world. The exact number keeps on changing, but offering around five to eight active servers in the US.

In addition, servers are also found across Ukraine, Georgia, UK, China, Germany, Poland, Canada, Japan, Philippines, Brazil, Norway, India, Mexico, and Thailand. You can access the complete list of VPN Gate servers here.

After logging to VPN Gate, geo-restricted sites and services including Hulu can be freely accessed.

VPN Gate Protocols & Encryption Review:

In our review, we examined VPN Gate Encryption protocols vary from server to server. As VPN Gate servers are running worldwide by volunteers, each server is supporting different protocols including L2TP/ IPSec, OpenVPN or SSL-VPN. However, PPTP protocol is not supported.

Server Tests & VPN Gate Speed Performance Review:

After conducting speed tests using an intentionally 10MB throttled network connection, we experienced that VPN Gate is a bit slower than many competitors available in the market.

Amazingly we accessed Netflix US successfully. However, it’s streaming took too long with frequent buffering and interruptions. Thus, in our VPN Gate review, we consider their service to be unblocker rather than a full-fledged VPN service.

VPN Gate Customer Support Review:

24/7 live chat or helpline for timely customer support is not there. But, as a free VPN service, it offers a detailed discussion forum where one can find basic information about VPN Gate.

FAQs InReview:

The provider is offering a  FAQs section on its official website. Therefore, you can get information about VPN Gate different features like freemium service, tunneling protocols, compatibility and so on.

VPN Gate For Linux:

As per of our VPN Gate review, it is for Linux devices, can be installed by a relay on two different methods like proxy and AutoVPN  to achieve the mission.

The service can be used on different Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora, and Rabia. After the initial configuration process, the application will start downloading a list of OpenVPN servers of VPN Gate.

While using the application, the VPN Gate with proxy App Indicator, it will start automatically you can stop, select the next VPN, and reconnect to the VPN accordingly.

AutoVPN Availability:

It is a command tool you can adapt to use VPN Gate on your Linux devices. It uses OpenVPN to connect to free VPN Gate server anywhere, just you will need to add the country code to the command:  

AutoVPN JP Availability:

This is tool enables you to connect to the free VPN Gate server of Japan instantly.

Logs & Privacy Policy of VPN Gate Review:

Logs and privacy policy play a vital role in choosing a VPN service. In VPN Gate, privacy policy varies from server to server, with different logging policies that are displayed in the stats of a specific server.

VPN Gate Review Of Torrenting:

The widely praised media sharing method Torrenting or P2P file sharing method is popular around the world. Though, torrenting has been declared illegal and faced a banned in some nations. A VPN with L2TP/IPSec is considered a safe and perfect solution to download torrents. VPN Gate offers L2TP/IPSec, but not torrenting.

Review Of VPN Gate Compatibility Across Different Platforms:

VPN Gate is available on a wide range of platforms. Users can freely download and install on their smartphones, laptops, and other devices. Following are the platforms that on which you can use VPN Gate hassle-free:

On iPhone:

In review, we didn’t find any client for iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices. But, iOS users can set up VPN Gate on their device using a simple three-step configuration process and can access thousands of desired sites and services that were previously blocked in the country.

On Android:

Android users can access tons of geo-restricted services like Hulu, Pandora, Fox Go, Seven Network, Nine Network and more. In addition, it secures your online activities when you’re connected to public networks. But, we didn’t find any in-house client of VPN Gate for Android devices.

  • Use On Android:

A four-step manual VPN procedure for Android devices using L2TP/ IPSec protocol. Here’s how to use VPN Gate on Android devices.

Go to Settings-More (Wireless & Networks)-VPN-Add VPN profile

As a new VPN connection configures, enter “VPN” in the name field, select L2TP/IPSec PSK in Type field. In the end, enter the hostname of a desired VPN Gate server, you can choose a server from the list here.

  • Importance For Window Users:

Windows users can use it on their laptops and desktops to protect themselves against prowling hackers, snoopers, state surveillance, identity thieves, and cyber threats. In addition, it allows unblocking almost each and every website globally.

  • Installation Process For Windows:

VPN Gate

 VPN Gate review that would allow you to use VPN Gate on Windows seven:

Control Panel>Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center>and tap on Setting up a new connection or network

Now, tap on Connect to a workplace called find my internet connection (VPN).

On the configuration window, enter IP address or hostname of a VPN server. Make sure to check to enable “Don’t connect now but for later.

Then, type “VPN” as username and password and remember this password, the window will be shown presented that the connection is ready to use, click close.

Then go to Control Panel, Network, and Sharing Center and then tap on Change adapter settings

Right-click on the newly made VPN connection, tap on the Properties window and tap on the Security tab.

Select Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with IPsec (L2TP/IPSec).

Finally, double-check VPN connection, enter VPN on both username and password fields, and connect.

Upon successful connection, access thousands of geo-blocked sites and services including Fox Go, HBO Now, Hulu, and many more.


VPN Gate is actually a research project launched by students of the Japanese University of Tsukuba. VPN Gate aims to eliminate censorship and blockage of media.

Drawbacks of live chat support, flawed privacy policy, and inconsistent servers drop its rating. By overcoming these lackings overall service can be improved.

On the basis of VPN Gate Review, as a freemium provider, VPN Gate is a suitable choice for those who wish to unblock geo-restricted sites and services.

But, if data protection is your priority then choose a full-fledged premium VPN service. Based on our VPN Gate review, we are giving their service an average 2.5/5 rating as per privacy policies and service offerings.

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