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Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN Review [2021] – Is PIA a Safe VPN?

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a VPN service with thousands of servers worldwide, fast speeds, and cheap prices offer with a wish that PIA had a little trouble getting into streaming services like Netflix.


  • Best network performance
  • A wide range of server connection locations
  • Lots of customization
  • Very affordable price


  • Randomly assigned username is necessary
  • S.-based
  • Reloading of a driver is often required
  • To get into most streaming services is limited
  • No live chat support

Comparison Of All Plans:

Private Internet Access may be the best-known of  VPNs in the battle of keeping net neutrality in the United States. If one is looking for VPN providers that have dedicated privacy and security, PIA will be a great choice.

The downsides to PIA things are handled through on your system tray, streaming and its server network outside the U.S. is not good when compared to other services.

However, the other qualities like great speed, low price sounds, and complete piracy about right to you, there is a suggestion to try out PIA’s seven-day trial

Features: (Approx.80% – Good)

Though not as feature-packed as other VPNs, PIA has some nice features:

  • fast server switching times
  • it relies on 128-bit encryption
  • takes little time to server connection
  • allows connecting directly to another without disconnecting first
  • Ad-blocker:

PIA has built-in malware and blocker. It blocks the crap that fills the screen on YouTube and torrent sites. It also has a foolproof kill switch installed, saving the torrent to be caught.

  • Split-tunneling Feature:

PIA VPN split tunneling feature allows us to set the programs to use by VPN helping to speeds up the connection, keeping the torrenting secure.

Watching Netflix with PIA (& Other Streaming Services):

best vpn netflix
  • PIA will help to get you into Netflix U.S
  • During our testing iPlayer blocked us, as did Hulu.
  • Amazon Prime Video kinda worked, but as the only server we could find that was really slow, it might as well not have.

Pricing Details: (95% Excellent)

PIA’s pricing is probably the best of all top priorities with a seven-day money-back guarantee.

Price Plan:

  • $ 6 .95/month
  • $ 35 94/6 months
  • $ 39 95/yearly
  • $ 69 95/2 years

Despite the monthly cost being low, going for a one or two-year package is the better option. None of the other services have comparable quality costs. That said, if money is tight, PIA is the way to go.

Payment Method:

  • major credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Though they are aimed at keeping an identity secret, we can only applaud PIA for allowing the option

Ease of Use Review: (80% – Good)

Signing up for PIA is as easy just on the website at Private Internet Access. Select the payment options shown on the screen so you can do the business.

In our case, we went for PayPal and PIA automatically used that email to create an account. So you’ll receive three emails from PIA:

  • a receipt
  • an email with links to the installer
  • one with your login details.

These e-mails are randomly generated to increase security. Then log in to the website, you’ll be greeted by a control panel.

Options are there:

  • to change your password
  • upgrade your subscription
  • change your email address
  • join beta programs
  • give feedback to the PIA team
  • a chat button (“customer service”).

To install the PIA client isn’t quite, but the installation instructions were clear (copy-paste is as always your friend). PIA claims both clients should behave exactly the same way and our secondary testing on a Windows VM bore that out.

Once installed, you’ll be asked to log in. All are set to “on” by default VPN startup at the same time you start your computer or having notifications pop up.

Once you click on “save” the window will disappear completely. It is entirely controlled through a tray icon: you set the VPN and forget about it.

Connecting with PIA Review:

Setting up a VPN connection with PIA is easy, you just right-click on the tray icon. Select either “connect auto” or “connect to” and then a country or region and you’re in business. Connecting takes around three seconds, making PIA easily the fastest VPN.

PIA options:

It has a list of all the options:

  • Allowing you to connect to servers
  • send a slow connection report and report blocked websites
  • shortcut to the support section
  • killswitch
  • Encryption (256-bit encryption is good to choose)

Though PIA is a mixed blessing, we feel providers should make the options a little easier to handle.

Supported Devices: (90% – Excellent)

PIA has support for all Windows versions, Mac and Linux (Mint and Ubuntu specifically). It’s the only VPN having the actual full client that runs on Linux, thus Team Penguin is well served here.

On mobile, it has an appealing app for both Android and iOS and it even works easily with most routers, so protecting the entire network is not a problem anymore.

Server Locations: (75% – Good)

PIA boasts 3081 servers in 44 locations across 28 countries; the network is strongest in the U.S States and Canada. In Europe, it isn’t quite as strong. Africa is badly underrepresented and but Asia and Latin America fall slightly in the middle of the range.

PIA is a solid choice for North America, but for regular access to different Asian countries,  another provider is a definite requirement.

Speed Check Review: (95%-Excellent)

PIA is one of the fastest VPN around as shown by our speed tests, performed by connecting to different servers from a co-working space and then measuring speeds using speedtest.net.

Private Internet Access even stays fast even across long distances though we noted ExpressVPN is faster over short distances.

Ping is pretty low across the board, leading PIA our second favorite pick among the best VPN for gaming.

Security & Privacy Review: (95% -Excellent)

With its strong stance in favor of net neutrality, PIA is best to keep privacy. The service keeps no logs not even of temporary ones. It requires no information from you to start an account (don’t use PayPal or a credit card if that’s a priority for you) and is thus got the best place in VPN for torrenting.

Under normal circumstances security is good. PIA only uses OpenVPN to make the service easily configurable in need.

If you want to switch to a different protocol it is possible, available are L2TP, PPTP, and  SOCKS  but you have to access them separately by requesting only by requesting. A separate login will be assigned and you can switch there.

Customer Service Review: (80% –Good)

PIA has a decent setting. Though it is less extensive we found the good response in the review, especially from Linux users. For most common issues, solutions are there step by step.

If we help, we can use PIA’s email support system. There’s a chat button, but it just sends an email; no live chat. The company claims the guarantee of quality answers, and we’re inclined to agree.

We made up a problem and sent that through email, the answer came up a bit slow but polite and complete. We “solved” our problem, and give PIA high marks here.

Concise Features offered by PIA VPN:

  • Client software platforms offered: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Ubuntu Linux,

Chrome extension

  • Supported protocols offered: L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP
  • of servers globally: 3,000+
  • Available in no. of countries: 30
  • Country of registration : United States of America
  • Offered Payment options: Credit card, bitcoin, PayPal, Cashu, gift cards
  • Original name necessary? No
  • Encryption protocol: AES-256
  • Data offered: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth offered: Unlimited
  • Maximum no. of connected devices: Five
  • Support the customer: Email
  • Privacy policy: No logging is desired

The Verdict:

The review of PIA shows that PIA is providing a way to get online anonymously and privately. It provides a good variety of servers worldwide, with unbeaten performance, in-network latency to download and upload speeds, among the 14 VPN services that were tested by us in 2017 and 2018.

It’s also the cheapest paid service, with annual fees running half that of many other VPN competitors.

Because of its location in the U.S., PIA is subject to U.S. authorities but says it doesn’t log user activity. One has to use an awkward series of letters and numbers to identify the company, PIA provides excellent security with a wide variety of ways to customize it.

Overall, PIA offers the best VPN service, with top performance, servers located almost everywhere needed at an attractive price.

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