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Hotspot Shield Review [2021] – Is Hotspot Shield Safe?

In today’s modern era everyone is using the internet widely for different purposes. We can say that the internet has become an important part of their life because they search on the internet for anything, any time, or any information they want.

In the early 2000bc when many big businesses use the internet and that users become aware of the risks of online working and they want more security for doing so because some of the virus programs damage their system and important files and also hackers hack their important data.

For solving these issues the VPN technology was introduced. Originally it is created for the big business organization rather than the purposes for which it is used today.

So the companies need more secure networks on which their remote users, field operatives, and satellite offices could use the files of the company without knowing the secrets.

VPN is a virtual private network that is created for the purpose of making connections between different devices and people over the internet. It is just like the local network where no internet is needed except the internet is only used for making connections.

Now there are more advanced VPNs are available for users which include censors and other features if someone reaches your data but they are unable to use it. These days many VPNs are available for users with different features so the selection of some of the best VPN is difficult.

Reviews of that VPN users are very helpful for knowing the best-featured VPN according to your choice. There are many top best VPNs of 2021 that are available but today I will review the hotspot shield which is the best VPN of 2021.

The hotspot shield is available in two versions in which one version is free and another version is paid. But when we talk about the free version the first time it will be confusing because it has technically two free versions, One is a free ad-supported version and the second is Elite level subscription free trial versions.

Hotspot Shield Review

Hotspot shield is released by Anchor Free and there are five hundred million users of hotspot shield VPN.

Hotspot Shield is available in both free and paid in which the free version is like a proxy and the name of the paid version is” Hotspot elite”. Both versions provide encryption and security and have great speed. In this review, we will discuss different features, pros, and cons of This VPN so that it may help people for selection purposes.

Features of Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot shield is ranked 31st number among 74 VPNs. It has some logging and provides encryption 256 bit AES. It has an open VPN Protocol. Its servers are located in 24 countries. It allowed torrenting and also working on Netflix. It is available in 5.99$/mo and provides a limited free plan. It provides the facility of 45 days money back.

  • Fastest speed VPN

Hotspot Shield is the fastest speed VPN which performs 100Mbps faster than other VPNs. This is most beautifully designed and takes less time for downloading. It is a very simple, easy, and spontaneous software for use.

Implausible experience for users

It is the most beautifully designed VPN.  After installing this VPN you can easily adjust the location and set in a very simple and easy way.

Anonymous torrenting

It provides complete wholeheartedly fully sported torrenting by using AES 256 encryption for giving complete security to its users. By using this nobody can access your network activity or history of browsing. It is the best choice for the p2p safe experience.

Works with Netflix

On US-based servers hotspot shield work with Netflix. The hotspot shield unblocking Netflix in some countries like Canada etc.

Some other features of hotspot shield

Hotspot Shield VPN is best for:

  • Unblocking websites:

If you have can’t access youtube facebook or work or school it is used for unblocking them and also other websites.

  • Protecting IP addresses

This VPN helps you to protect your internet activities by hiding your IP addresses. It helps you to provide private browsing and provides protection from spammers and hackers.

  • Wifi security

In public wifi like at airports, offices, and hotels hotspot shields provide wifi security and keep protected from hackers and snoopers.

  • Protected from Malware

The latest version of hotspot shield provides complete protection to its users from malware.

  • Securing web activities

Through HTTPS encryption it provides you the complete protection of your personal information, online shopping, and important data.

Pros of hotspot shield

  • Fastest speed VPN.
  • Provides Great security to users.
  • Provide facility of up to five connections simultaneously.
  • Provides apps for iOS, Android, Windows & Mac OS X.
  • Money-back guarantees of 45 days.
  • wifi protection over auto-connect.
  • Have servers in 25 countries.
  • WebRTC and Ipv6 leak protection.
  • Detected malware for chrome extension.
  • Permitted for peer to peer (P2P).
  • Ad, cookie, and tracker blocker for chrome extension.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and data after elite subscription.
  • Includes enhanced transport protocol technology.
  • Easy to download and install.
  • Easy to use.
  • It works with Netflix.
  • Best for unblocking censored content.
  • Available free version and trial version.
  • Best for unblocking different websites.
  • For beginners, it is an ideal
  • Provides seven days of free trial.
  • Provides great security and privacy.
  • Protect from hackers and snoopers.
  • Provides malware protection.


  • Follows nontransparent proprietary encryption.
  • Sometimes leaks DNS.
  • Only open VPN protocol.
  • No facility of live chats.
  • Sometimes misleading policy of logging.
  • No customer support without a ticket.
  • Its free version does not unblock


Now for privacy and security purposes, everyone is using VPNs. Many VPNs are now available and the selection of best becomes difficult for someone.

The reviews help to know better about any VPN features which may helpful for selection purposes. Many top best VPNs of 2021 I was discussed above one of the best VPN that was hotspot shield. It is a very reputable and powerful VPN for protecting your online anonymity.

This VPN is available in both paid and free versions and both are good. Hotspot shield is an impressively fast speed, good country locating, and good pricing VPN among other VPNs.

It has fantastic track records. It provides complete protection in both free and paid versions. They offer great features and an incredible users experience.

Its free seven days trial version is free from ads which is best because serious users want to add a free experience. Interruption of ads, again and again, disturbs the users, again and again, It provides a very fast connection and a very well-designed app for multilingual sites.

Its free version provides an allowance of 750 Mb per day. It has built-in cookie and ad blocker features for chrome. The hotspot VPN is used widely all over the world and is the best VPN.

This review of hotspot shield VPNs will helpful for the best selection of VPN 2021 because I deeply describe its features and pros and cons.  Everybody can choose the best things according to their own choice.

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