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Hola VPN Review [2021] – Is Hola VPN Safe?

Hola is a supported community of P2P users. Unlike classic VPN services, servers are not used here, all traffic is redirected through devices of more than 100 million network users.

The use of HolaVPN is very simple. Also, the utility is the usual extension for the browser and is suitable for both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. The application is compatible with Windows and Mac, mobile devices on iOS and Android. This allows you to use the VPN service on virtually any device. The following are the capabilities:

  • Change the IP address to any other.
  • Simulation of activity from other countries – the USA, Germany, etc.
  • Access to block the sites

Accelerate the loading of a number of pages by hashing data on other devices in the network.

The service is used for free and the user becomes an ordinary member of the network. There are no restrictions on traffic or visited pages. If a user does not want to log on to the network and provide his IP address for use by other participants, he or she must switch to a premium fee.

Whenever a user login, then they are exposed to multiple threats. Sometimes the hackers are trying to steal the user’s identity and on the other hand, sometimes the government is monitoring the user’s digital activities. At this point, a user needs the best HolaVPN for the purpose of digital privacy. Meanwhile, HolaVPN is not a regular VPN because it is dangerous for your privacy.


  • Free Service
  • Compatible with different platforms
  • It is easy to install
  • It has fast internet speed that is quite beneficial


  • Little online privacy
  • Shady procedures
  • False advertisement
  • Logs need a lot of information
  • Security risk
  • There is no encryption
  • No live chat

Why is HolaVPN Un-blocker important?

It is an extension that is specifically used to unblock online streaming channels or different websites. There are 38 million users of HolaVPN throughout the world that are a pretty big number. Those people who use Hola Unblocker software just to stream their favorite movies and on-demand TV shows. HolaVPN is actually a free VPN that means it offers a Free VPN and a Premium VPN.

There are many features in the free version of HolaVPN that is offered by the VPN. However, it does not give permission to users to use the VPN service on multiple browsers, and also you are unable to share your IP address.

It’s important to use the HolaVPN if you do not want that your IP address can be used by someone or shared by other users. The premium version of HolaVPN will give you security while using SSL encryption.

The Compatibility of HolaVPN

There is a different platform through which you can download the Hola VPN on your website that is specifically designed for different platforms. The HolaVPN service has customized apps for Mac, Windows, and Android. Additionally, there is an extensive system that can get from the Firefox browser and Chrome. Meanwhile, a user can find the Hola VPN and after downloaded, it is simply an add-on to the user’s website if a user is using Firefox as well as the chrome extension.

However, with the help of browser extensions, you can use it on your system without any difficulties. For data encryption, Hola VPN cannot use like a protocol of tunneling. Instead of this, the Hola VPN can utilize like the network of the peer-to-peer network for the purpose of online identity. Consequently, when you are considering the lack of encryption it means that there is always a risk while using a Hola VPN server. Furthermore, the Hola VPN service only hides your actual IP address without providing a layer of security.

Hola VPN Reliability and its speed

The Hola VPN server offers a great and potential speed that a user can use for torrent or streaming downloads. The speed level can depend upon the server’s location. However, in the UK, USA, and Canada the HolaVPN is a highly preferred server for fast speed.

When a user is connected with the P2P nodes, then the speed can be affected. While using the HolaVPN service, a user can not experience any drop connection. Meanwhile, sometimes, a user experiences speed problems, while using the HolaVPN extension the reason behind this it crashed sometimes.

The Interface of Hola VPN

The app of HolaVPN has an aesthetic design. You would not face any hassle when you are downloading or installing the Hola VPN this app on your device. Meanwhile, the HolaVPN apps are designed for iOS, Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows. Additionally, the Hola extension is designed for Firefox or Chrome and it works more than other app.

There are many issues that occur with the Windows user because it is not a user-friendly app, it is considering a confusing app. It only shows the servers of the US but the UK user can only be accessed with the help of a premium account.

The good thing is, a user does not have to register for getting the extension of HolaVPN. Additionally, the smartphone app comes with the option of a built-in browser. Through this, you will get a convenient option for browsing anything while using the app.

Specific Features of Hola VPN

HolaVPN server is quite easy to install for streaming video, a private internet, or downloading torrents. The software works on every device that includes Windows, iOS, Mac OSX, or Android. When you download HolaVPN, a user will be able to find the installation guide on their website.

Hola is not focusing on the user’s online security. Also, there is no information that it does keeps logs. Some of the specific features of HolaVPN are given below:

  • Allows you to connect many servers
  • Add-free browsing
  • HolaVPN is compatible with all devices i.e. iOS, Android, Mac or Windows etc.
  • No Log

How can you remove Hola VPN from the Google Chrome?

  • Install your Google Chrome browser
  • Open the Settings
  • Select ‘Extensions’ and all your listed extensions should appear
  • Click on the trash icon that is next to Hola VPN
  • Click on ‘Remove’ once the pop-up message appears

These are the steps of removing HolaVPN successfully from your Chrome

How you remove HolaVPN from Mozilla Firefox?

In case, you are using Mozilla Firefox instead of Google Chrome, then follow the following step to remove HolaVPN:

  • Install the Mozilla Firefox on your PC
  • Click on the option of ‘Open menu’ icon that is located at the top right corner
  • Now you need to ‘Add-ons’ and then select on the ‘Extensions’
  • Find the ‘Hole VPN extension
  • After that, you will see two option that is ‘Remove’ or Disable’
  • First, you need to click on ‘Disable’ and after that click on ‘Remove’

A dialog message will be appearing that show HolaVPN has been removed. 


The modern state of security policy has reached the Internet. In the name of users, there are many other sites that are blocked and recognized as a pirate, extremist, degrading groups of people and so on. However, quite harmless sites, forums, and social networks are often included in the list of banned ones. When you install the HolaVPN server, you can easily access on these resources.

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