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HideMyAss (HMA) VPN Review [2021] – Is HideMyAss Safe?

When it comes to hiding your online identity you will find a number of products and VPN services boasting about their best service quality but you will never come across something as amazing as Hidemyass.

Yes, the name says it all, you will be browsing the internet with complete peace of mind that you are anonymous and there is no one monitoring your online traffic.

Hidemyass is not a new name in the VPN industry, we have decided to do the Hidemyass review in order to bring its awesome aspect for our visitors and for those who want to buy VPN service. So get ready for sheer awesomeness in this Hidemyass review.

Hidemyass Pricing & Discounts:

The most important factor which influences the decision of the buyer and is the most integral part of any review is the product price and discounts offered.

How we can neglect this thing in our hidemyass review? Hidemyass brings the best price in town, literally, the best prices and discounts are offered from hidemyass.

You can start your half-ass package for as low as $6.55/month. If you are not a regular user you can get a Kick-ass package for as low as $9.99/month.

You can also subscribe to your hidemyass VPN service for 12 months for just $4.99/month and save up to 57%. During this hidemyass review, we came to know another amazing thing about hidemyass, they offer an amazing 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services. 

They also offer special discounts on special international occasions. You have to either keep reading hidemyass reviews or keep visiting their website.

When it comes to payment methods, they are very flexible in that as well. They accept all major banking and money transfer channels like all major Credit Cards, PayPal, BitCoin, WebMoney, and Wire Transfer. So you can pay as it is easy for you. This thing has been appreciated in almost all online hidemyass reviews.

Software & Features:

In this part of the Hidemyass review, you will be told about salient features that make hidemyass stand tall amongst all its competitors.

Along with desktop and Mac, the support is available for various platforms including apple and android devices. You can download and use the hidemyass Android or iOS app to get anonymous on your handheld devices like iPhones, iPads, and Android tablets.

By the time when this hidemyass review was done, no support for the Linux platform was available. The Linux OS users have to download an interface-based client for the Linux on request.

Along with this, hidemyass VPN provides a wide variety of protocols to be used including PPTP, SSL, L2TP, and OpenVPN. The encryption level for each protocol is different from the other.

We have tried our best to provide specific information about each protocol in this hidemyass review. Hidemyass also provides certain services like WebProxy, IP – Port Proxies, Anonymous Email, Privacy Software,

Servers & Countries:

Hidemyass takes pride in no of server locations and countries they are scattered. We need to do a separate hidemyass review in order to cover all these things but we will present some precise facts and figures.

Hidemyass has a separate tab on their home page for “Servers”. Not all VPN service providers can do this because only hidemyass has more than 890 VPN servers which are spread in more than 310 locations in 210 countries.

Yes, we know these are huge numbers but you have to trust our hidemyass review on this. The hidemyass provides you with 121060+ IP addresses which you can use whenever you want.

210 countries mean you can access any type of content whether available in your country or not since there is so much region-specific information available over the net.

Most of Hidemyass’s servers are situated in the United States (Over 300). The second on the list are European countries followed by various other countries in the UK, North American, and Canadian regions.

Reliability & Speed Test:

When it comes to choosing the right VPN service provider people prefer those who have great reliability. Because people are concerned about their online privacy and they cannot trust each and every VPN provider on this.

According to 99% positive hidemyass reviews they are the most reliable VPN service provider in the industry. Another thing is the speed. Most of the VPN providers compromise on speed but hidemyass is determined to provide its users with an outstanding speed experience.

You won’t find active speed-test tools in most of the VPN clients but since hidemyass does not compromise on the speed they have put in three types of tests in their VPN client.

In most of the hidemyass reviews, you will find online talks and appreciates this thing. We tested speed using the built-in speed test tool in the hidemyass client and we were shocked to see the upload and download speeds. We ran different tests and found impressive results. For this hidemyass review, we rant tests on PPTP protocol.

Customer Support:

We are nearing the end of this hidemyass review and we will be talking about the customer support which hidemyass offers to its users.

Along with impressive VPN services they also provide outstanding customer support services as well. They have a multi-pillared customer support system in use with almost all the options available to be used by users.

You can either drop an email to their support staff or believe me, they respond within in few minutes. In this hidemyass review, we will give them full marks for their 24/7/365 customer support.

You can also access their blog, community, and HideMyAss Support Page to find the answers for the most frequently asked questions or problems which people face from time to time.

They also give you the option of live chat with one of the hidemyass representatives to solve your problem first hand and provide you with the required information. You can read other hidemyass reviews and will find the same.


To conclude this hidemyass review we will highly recommend hidemysass for some very obvious reasons we have mentioned earlier in this review.

The number of VPN servers makes hidemyass stand out amongst its competitors. They do not provide a free or paid trial period, you have to pay in order to get the services but they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to keep you satisfied and anonymous.

Its cross-platform compatibility also makes it superior to others. At VPN Garage, we highly recommend hidemyass.

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