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ExpressVPN Review [2021] – is ExpressVPN Safe?

First, let’s talk about actually what is the function of the VPN? VPN conceals the IP address as well as the location.

It allows you to select the location of browsing according to your choice. Encrypt the data with excellent efficiency you can browse freely with assurance and comfort that you cannot be tracked.

It also boosts your device’s working efficiency. These are all the primary purposes and responsibilities of the VPN.

ExpressVPN systematically and efficiently performs these tasks. It is a virtual private network service provided by the British Virgin Island-based company.

This software comes with certain tools such as privacy and, security that encodes a user’s web traffic by hiding the IP address. Let’s have a quick overview of ExpressVPN.

Overall rank1st out of 74  VPNs
UsabilityVery easy
Log filesStrict no logging
Locations94 countries, 2000+servers
SupportLive Chat
TorrentingP2P & torrenting allowed
NetflixUnblocked Netflix
EncryptionOpen VPN, IPsec & IKEv2
JurisdictionOut of 14 eyes

Its remarkable features which add credibility to this software:

This software is ranked high among others due to its operating quality and, working efficiency.  It has certain features which boost its operating system. So, let’s come to know what are its striking features?

Unlimited server switches:

It has 148 server locations from all over the world in approximately 94 countries. With this wide range, you can easily switch to the next server.

Customer service available for 24 hours:

It has very a very supportive and, reliable customer support system. If someone is facing any problem then he or she can have live chat support for the answer of queries.

Split tunneling:

ExpressVPN provides the safest way to route some of your traffic through a VPN. You can easily select the app that you want to use when your device is connected with a VPN.

Available on every device:

It can be installed on every device such as PC, Android, Mac, window, routers, and, Linux. It is an award-winning app for its availability on different devices.

An effective active blog:

It lets its audiences stay informed. You can get security tips and, internet privacy news from all over the world. The official blog of Express VPN always keeps its audience informed.

Authentic privacy guide:

It will give you a complete guide that will help its users maintaining their internet privacy. They can easily learn how to delete the browsing history, how to browse anonymously and to use Tor to stay online privately.

Money back guarantee:

Your money can be refunded within thirty days even subscription is backed by 30 days. The users can get a full refund within the limit of 30 days without any question.

It is easy to use:

It is known for its usability that is really true. It is very easy to use. Even its installation process is very easy within a minute you can have it on your phone without having any lengthy process. You can be connected to this file with a single push button.

You can feel free with this software:

This software gives you freedom and doesn’t pose any restrictions to you. You can download anything from any server with a concealed IP address.

No compromise on the privacy and, security:

Privacy is their first priority. Even it has some specific security features such as no activity or connection log, masking the IP address, anonymous browsing, zero-knowledge DNS and, open VPN, or other protocols.

What are the factors which motivate its user to install it?

There are some particular reasons which fascinate its user to install this application. Let’s come to know what are these factors?

  • ExpressVPN improves connection credibility and, reliability. The purpose of this application is to give you the best possible connection with the well-organized system
  • Its latest version comes with the IP6 and DNS leak protection. With this of the feature, you can use the internet the way you want
  • It gives freedom to its user to stream foreign videos and, content while using the same local IP address. You can get access to foreign and local web services at the same time with ExpressVPN.
  • It is the fastest application that even boosts the morale of the device. You can download different things efficiently without affecting the speed of other web services
  • Its installation process is very easy no technical skill or education is required. It has a very straightforward and, the precise installation process
  • It helps its users to unblock the different sites and, services. With this application, you can get access to the sites that you love such as Facebook, Twitter and, Gmail
  • It helps its users to avoid censorship it never reads the data or know the website that you are using. It only encrypts the traffic that is passing to VPN
  • It lets its user stay safe and, secure. You need not worry about the hacker even your sensitive information like the password is totally secure in this application. It also prevents the third party from tracking you with its tight security
  • Its service can be used by the three devices at the same time
  • This application even offers diagnostic information. If anyone wants to know what’s happening under the hood or anyone want to get the systematic support they can have diagnostic information

All these are the factors that explicitly points out why people are motivated to install this file on their device.

Let’s come to know what are its stumbling blocks?

No doubt this file is awesome and, excellent due to its well-organized and, well-coherent system.  But still, there are some stumbling blocks so, let’s figure it out what are these?

They have set the limits for the users:

The only complaint is this they allow their users to use their services simultaneously on just three devices.  The limit can be frustrating when they are giving you unlimited other features as mentioned above. It is ranked 1st among 74 other VPNs after that device limit is not acceptable. Other VPN companies are giving 5 to 7 connections simultaneously in comparison to ExpressVPN.

They do not have a transparent system:

This company has very reliable and supportive customer support service. But only through live chat, you can contact them. They have not given their phone number and, email address. They have no visible phone numbers. Just because of this thing there comes a doubt about the transparency of their system.

Final verdict:

ExpressVPN is the most famous VPN. They have just one purpose making the usage of the internet easy for everyone and after trying it everyone can observe that they have reached their goal.

With this VPN everyone can use its device with safety, security, and, freedom. Tested is based on the general performance, overall performance, and, speed test.

This application has a wide range of VPN servers, fast speed, customer support, authentic privacy policy and, a guide and money-back guarantee.

This application fills the criteria of a Good VPN. Due to its systematic working efficiency, it is ranked high among other VPNs. If you are looking for a VPN then ExpressVPN is the best choice.

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