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Cloud VPN Reviews [2021] – Is Cloud VPN Safe?

Nowadays the internet is being used by each and every one for different purposes. The modern world and its different tasks actually, revolve around it.

It becomes the present need. Everyone has to use the internet for personal or official purposes. But it is very necessary to protect internet activities from the third party.

Privacy should be maintained on the internet so that one’s personal or official data cannot be tracked. VPN is there to perform this task to give security and protection to the computer.

There are many choices but people usually select Cloud VPN. So let’s talk about it how it works or how systematic its operating system is?

Is cloud VPN has a cloud-based network?

First, let’s talk about what it actually cloud VPN? Its name is very unique. It has differentiated itself just not in name but in its operating process too.  Cloud VPN is basically, a cloud-based network because it offers a generic transport layer for any of the packet-based data traffic. 

Why is it named Cloud VPN just because it has a cloud-based infrastructure to deliver VPN services to its users?  It allows its users to subscribe through a cloud platforms over the public internet. It endeavors to provide globally accessible VPN access to its users.

What is their initiative?

This VPN is totally unique so let’s come to know what is the objective behind the Cloud VPN? 

The objective behind this VPN is to provide the same level of security and, privacy to the internet user without any VPN infrastructure on the user’s end.  They want to provide globally VPN accessible service access without the need for any VPN infrastructure.

How data security got hard with the Cloud VPN?

Cloud VPN allows its users to create a secure network connection over a public network through the use of encryption. The user can connect to 92 servers that are located in 34 countries.

The user can go to the global network under the different IP addresses and the users will be registered from the country where the server is located.

It conceals the user’s IP address efficiently. With cloud VPN it becomes impossible to monitor the service user because it registers no connection logs. 

The user can also unblock the different blocked sites with this VPN. Cloud VPN makes it very easy you just need to change your IP address that’s all.

It changes the user’s IP address within two clicks. In this way, even the service acts as a protected proxy server. With this VPN users need not worry about the Public Wifi access points.

The cloud VPN creates its own protected channel that cannot be tracked due to its tight security. All data can be transferred with this VPN exclusively.

What are the different aspects which make this VPN so remarkable?

There are certain aspects that make this application so incredible and, efficient. Due to these salient aspects and, features, this application works so effortlessly and efficiently. So, let’s figure out what are the hidden salient features of this VPN?

Does it give remote access to its users?

The best thing about the Cloud VPN gives remote access to its users. Users can get access to their services anywhere at any time. Even the purpose of this application is to provide global accessible internet access to its user to use it anywhere at any time.

It’s usability:

It has very easy steps for configuration. The user can use it easily without any performance problems. This application has no gotchas and other downsides for regular usual use.

It provides tight security to device:

Could VPN is all that you want to maintain your device security. It gives security to its user’s device by integrating a personal firewall in a VPN client.  With this application, your device and your internet activities cannot be tracked.

Cloud VPN can be used with different networks:

It can be used with efficient VPC networks and legacy networks. So the users can have the full range of IP addresses used by the subnet in the network.

Cloud VPN supports:

Cloud VPN only supports the pre-shared key that is how this VPN maintains security and privacy. When the user creates a VPN tunnel he or she needs to share a secret for that.  This secret needs to be matched or specified while creating a tunnel on the premises gateway.

Could VPN effective maintenance:

Cloud VPN has a periodic maintenance procedure. During this process VPN tunnels are offline and when the maintenance procedure is being completed then tunnels automatically reestablish.

And the maintenance of the Cloud VPN task can be done without any notice. And the maintenance process is not long it is short enough so that Cloud VPN SLA can be affected.

Cloud VPN has policy-based routing process:

Cloud VPN has policy-based routing here the users can have different routing options. The user needs to select the remote network IP ranges and local subnet when he is creating a VPN tunnel.

The options are on different sides the remote network IP ranges are on the right side and the local subnets are on the left side. GCP efficiently builds a static route for each remote.

These are all the salient features of this application that go on to add credibility to this file.

What are the reasons which motivate the users to use this application?

There are certain benefits that compel the users to use this application. The users get different advantages while using this application. So, here are the certain benefits that this file offers.

  • This application offers an SLA of 99.9% service availability to its users. And VPN is also famous for its credible availability
  • VPN Cloud effectively manage the traffic between VM and, your existing infrastructure by setting the static to the dynamic routes and cloud router
  • It is the best cost-saving VPN. Most VPNs are very costly but the user can have this VPN with a monthly subscription fee
  • It is known for its speed user can download or look at the thing they want from anywhere in the world.
  • It offers different services to its users such as regular patches, daily backups and, support
  • This application is available on different devices such as a window, Max, Android, IOS and, Linux
  • This application provides transport layer security so the user can transfer the data while using public Wifi without any privacy issue because Cloud VPN offers a secure shell.
  • The most important thing about this application offers unlimited data with a connection that never disconnects.
  • This application never logs out its user’s data and does not slow down the user’s device. Instead, it boosts the operating efficiency of the device

What are some of the flaws of this application?

There are certain drawbacks of this application too. Although this application is remarkable still it has some stocking blocks so let’s talk about them what are these?

  • Its speed depends on the user internet connection. It will work fast according to your internet speed and goes down when the internet speed is slow
  • If there is technological problem whole processing and working would be paused or either get limited
  • Its operating expenses are very costly

In the end, the user will select this application according to his needs and choice. And it is too important to consider all the aspects of the application before installing it.

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