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5 Best VPN for Torrenting, P2P, and File sharing [Updated]

We have so much information to us which we can download from the internet. Keeping the same in mind, BitTorrent protocol is one of the most secure and decentralized methods of sharing files across the internet. It goes without saying that all the material is available to use for legal purposes. This type of file sharing is also known as “torrenting”, or “P2P” or some people call it copyright piracy.

Using a VPN for torrenting becomes essential because every person who is downloading the file can see the IP address of others who are also downloading the same content. VPN for torrenting is also essential in order to protect the identity of downloaders from copyright holders. Using VPN for torrenting also protect user because:

  • No one can see your real IP address.
  • Your service provider cannot see what you are downloading because of the encryption of data.

There are various VPN providers for torrenting but not all the VPN providers permit P2P. They support copyright holders to protect them from un-authorized downloading of their content. Some providers are happy in providing P2P to their clients and some of the best VPN for torrenting is given below:

Best VPNs torrents, P2P and filesharing Summary


ExpressVPN comes as the first option in the best VPN for torrenting with no surprise. They have been the first choice of VPN garage in most of the reviews and we have reasons to support our claim.

Their performance is top notch; they have servers in almost 78 countries worldwide. Their clients are easy to use and they do not keep usage logs as well. They never compromise on speed since they have thousands of servers spread globally. They have all the characteristics of best VPN for torrenting.

They have stealth servers in Hong Kong which provide you the protection of the firewall of china. Their android app is fun to use. You can get this VPN for torrenting with 30 days money-back guarantee with no questions asked.


IPVanish makes the best VPN for torrenting with its high speed of downloading. They have servers in more than 60 countries across the world. You will find sever in every country to enable you to transfer at maximum speed.

IPVanish comes with 256-bit encryption to beef up security and making it ideal choice as VPN for torrenting. Since they are among best VPN for torrenting, they also offer 2 simultaneous connections, funky android app and Bitcoin option for payment.


VPNArea is a relatively new and small Bulgarian company but they have lots of servers available. So whenever you want to connect, there will be a server near to you. To become the best VPN for torrenting, they are offering various top of the line features along with high-speed connection, prompt customer support, and 7 days free trial.

Since they are new, you will face minor issues and glitches but they are worth the money. They stand out amongst other best VPN for torrenting with their great customer service and 7 days money-back guarantee.


AirVPN also makes a great choice when it comes to the best VPN for torrenting. This VPN service was set up by neutrality activists and hacktivists. Since we have placed them in #4 of the list of best VPN for torrenting, they must be offering some value to their clients.

AirVPN comes with ultra-strong AES-256 encryption with 4096-bit RSA key encryption which makes your security unbeatable; they also use shared IPs which enhances privacy. Another great thing is that they accept Bitcoin as a payment option which adds another layer to your anonymity.

They offer great real-time user and server statistics. In short, they have everything which it takes to become the best VPN for torrenting along with fast, safe, smooth, and uninterrupted P2P downloading. You can start your three days of the free trial today.


BolehVPN successfully grabbed 5th position in our best VPN for a torrenting rundown. They are based on the offshore location of the Malaysian coast. The best thing they provide is “xCloak” servers which bypass the government censorship.

They also offer SmartDNS and accept Bitcoin as payment. These features make them one of the choices in the best VPN for torrenting.


Is torrenting illegal?

The first thing to notice is that nothing with the BitTorrent protocol is illegal. Downloading and using content for personal use if always legal.

But as far as copyrighted content is concerned, it is illegal to use and download copyrighted content without the permission of the owner. But downloading and using copyrighted content is not a criminal offense, it is considered a civil offense.

Downloaders may face legal action either directly from the owner of the content of from any legal firm. Such type of firms are known as “copyright trolls”.  But none of the users face criminal charges if the content is used for personal use. But you may face criminal prosecution is content is used for commercial purposes.

No logs VPNs

The best way to counter this problem is to use those best VPN for torrenting which keep no logs of user data. No logs mean you are safe and there is nothing to handover to copyright police when they ask for.

NAT firewalls and port forwarding

Almost all the VPNs use NAT firewall in order to stop incoming connections. This is generally good practice but when it comes to P2P it creates some problems as well as prevents all unsolicited incoming connections.

NAT firewalls interfere with P2P connections and make downloading slower. As more and more people use VPN to protect their identity this can get worst.

The possible solution to this problem is port forwarding. VPN provider opens a port in NAT Firewall and allows P2P traffic to pass through. So the best VPN for torrenting are those which have port forwarding.

Free VPNs and torrenting

Running a VPN is an expensive venture and very few are offering free VPNs. Furthermore, they also have to face DMCA notices and other legal things for copyright and privacy matters. So there is no free VPN who is offering P2P sharing.

Use a kill switch

If you are one of those users who leave your downloads unattended for hours, then you should use the VPN kill switch. Suppose you are not using a VPN kill switch and your VPN service goes down, your original IP will be exposed to the world. This thing is very dangerous so the best VPN for torrenting does provide a VPN kill switch.

How to check that your downloading is private

If you are using a VPN service then you should make sure that your VPN is working as well. There are various tools that you can use whether it is showing your IP or not. You can go to and activate Torrent Address detection.


We hope this article would help you choose the best VPN for torrenting but when you choose one, kindly double-check whether you’re VPN allows you to download privately and safely or not. After trying one of our 5 best VPN for torrenting, comment which one did you like and preferred and why.

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