Best VPN for Popcorn Time

8 Best VPN for Popcorn Time in 2021

Hello readers, I’m going to write my review of the best VPN services for Popcorn Time. You should know that popcorn time is illegal in most countries. That’s why many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) distribute copyright notices and threaten infinite lawsuits. Under this pressure, some providers even block access to all p2p content on their servers.

So it’s very important to hide your connection. And the best way is to use VPN software that hides your IP address and changes your geolocation. That’s why I’m going to write a short review of the main VPN providers for popcorn time. So you can choose the best one for you.

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Technical support

First of all, I want to tell you about technical support. Most of the popcorn time VPN providers have a website with a FAQ section where you can find the answer to many of your questions. But you can go deeper and contact them by sending a ticket or live chat.

Technical support is very important when you using VPN software. You probably have some problems with configuring your connection (this happens always). In this case, you just need to talk to the technical support guy. He will help you to solve your problem.

Popcorn Time VPN review

Now I’m going to write reviews of main popcorn time VPN providers. I tested all of them and will tell you about some advantages and disadvantages. Also, I will give you a short answer what is the best popcorn time VPN according to my tests.


The smallest plans from 11VPN allow you to pay $3,33 p/m. So I can tell that this VPN provider is very cheap. There are no free trial accounts on the website (I tried to make a and got an error :(). But there is a live chat where you can ask the support guy about the demo account.

So what you can get from 11VPN?

# Access to servers worldwide. On the website, you can find some countries with a lot of servers (like the USA, Canada, etc). Also, there are special nodes for example Popcorn Time VPN.

# Unlimited speed and bandwidth. Your account will work like a premium one even you bought the smallest plan. I tested it and it’s true (I don’t have enough words to tell you how happy I was after testing my torrents.

But there is 1 week or monthly limit on free accounts. So if you want to download via p2p – choose a paid plan and nothing can stop you :).

# 5 simultaneous connections allowed. It means that all your devices at home can be protected by popcorn time VPN (I tested it too 😀 ).

# Unlimited Popcorn Time VPN connections. If you want to change your geolocation while watching movies on Popcorn time – no problem! You can use any popcorn time node from 11VPN for free. And of course, it’s very fast and reliable.

HMA VPN ( HideMyAss )

The main advantage of HMA is its size. They have more than 940 servers worldwide! Also, they are placed on all continents which is a huge plus. I’m not sure that someone will need a server in Antarctica but… maybe some penguins also like to watch movies? 🙂

Maybe you heard about HMA trial accounts. But here comes the bad news. There are only two plans and one of them is so expensive like $8,33 p/m. So if you want to buy a popcorn time VPN – HMA costs twice as 11VPN.

# Access to servers worldwide with the same conditions as in 11VPN

# 10 simultaneous connections allowed. It means that you can use your account on Windows, Mac, and Android + 1 router or media center (you can read more about it here ).

On free accounts you are limited: 2 devices could be connected simultaneously only I think this is not a big problem because popcorn time needs just a few b/w

Hidemyass has good technical support (it’s 24×7 for free). But they have a huge number of tickets and sometimes response time takes 2-3 days (but usually it’s around 5-20 minutes).

Main disadvantages of HMA:

# Only 10 simultaneous connections allowed. In this case, you can connect 1 device from home and another one on your mobile phone for example. Or use the free account and connect 1 device from work.

I hope that you understand what I mean And of course, you can find a lot of popcorn time VPN providers which allow more devices to be connected at the same time.

# Old company. It means that they have lots of problems because of legal issues etc. For example in 2012 company cooperated with the FBI so all member’s logs were exposed and monitored.

So if you are using a popcorn time VPN risk is equal to 0 but anyway, Netflix can’t track you 🙂

# Slow servers. Probably it’s a problem for all old companies. I don’t know why but sometimes it takes some time to load web pages via HMA VPN (but as I mentioned above – technical support is great so maybe they will help).


I’m not going to praise this provider Just read reviews on websites and forums and you will understand what I mean. Purevpn has a good server park (500+ in more than 100 countries) but it has very big disadvantages too:

# Only 5 simultaneous connections allowed out of 2 plans (i think that 2 is enough for popcorn time). It means that if you want to watch movies on Popcorn Time from home and at work too you’ll need another PureVPN account which costs…. for example, $4,20 p/month. It’s not so expensive but the question is why do they limit connection numbers?

# Sometimes it doesn’t work because of their overloaded servers. I’m connected via Sweden node right now (it’s really fast) but I tested the USA node a few weeks ago – it was very slow. And this provider has a huge number of nodes in the US so I don’t know what to think…

# No Socks5 support! That means that if you are using popcorn time VPN your real IP can be detected by Netflix or other streaming services. If they detect a Purevpn user while he is watching a movie he will receive a copyright warning on email (I’m not sure about it).

# Old company. If you check forums and reviews you will understand that a lot of people have problems with this provider – services down, slow connections or they can’t connect at all, etc.


This provider is really great but it’s not the best option for everyone. First of all, it costs $8,33 p/m which is more than HMA and PureVPN (but it has a lot of advantages so this price is fair). It means that if you want to buy popcorn time VPN – 6 times more expensive than 11VPN.

# Really fast servers. You can be sure that you’ll have no problems with buffering:)

# Unlimited bandwidth and speed for all plans (but the free one is very limited – just 500MB of traffic per month). It’s cool because you will have the same conditions as in a premium VPN plan but only costs $4,90 per month.

# 30 days money-back guarantee so you don’t need to think if it works or not 🙂

# It has improved its software and now it’s easier than ever! I mean – the installation process is very simple and fast. You will be able to set up your VPN in 2 minutes (i hope that I’ll help you in this process if you are not familiar with it :))

# No logs. As I said – it’s no logs policy. It means that your data will be saved neither by ExpressVPN nor by ISP, hackers, or someone else.

# Lots of servers around the world (45 countries and 136 cities) but if you want to find the best one just choose a European node because it’s really close to you.


This is the most popular VPN provider on this list and honestly, I don’t know why. But it’s a really good one so I’m not going to rate it based on my feelings but on its features.

# Only 3 devices connected simultaneously. It means that you can connect your smartphone, tablet, and computer at the same time (i usually use two but if I had three devices maybe it was enough for me 😀 ).

# If you buy one year plan you’ll save 42% off NordVPN price and you can be sure that your data will be protected by this VPN provider for the whole 12 months.

# Panama-based company is really popular but why? Maybe because their servers are really fast and stable. It’s cool because you can watch your movies without any problems (and maybe it’s the reason why NordVPN is more popular than ExpressVPN)

# Socks5 support. As I said before – Socks5 proxies can help you to unblock blocked sites but if you try to use them with Popcorn Time without VPN you will receive copyright infringement on your email. Socks5 proxies protect only your device but not the data that you send – that’s why Netflix can detect you as a pirate if you use Popcorn Time with them.

NordVPN has Socks5 support so it makes a pair of great providers because Tor is also supported by it (see the next paragraph).

#A lot of countries (47) and servers (more than 5000) so you can choose any of them and be 100% sure that service will work.

# Owners don’t store your logs (they haven’t even a single one 😀 ). It means that no one knows what kind of sites you visit, what videos you watch, or what data you send.

# Tor support (yes it’s true, NordVPN has Tor support so you don’t need to use both services if you are a fan of this one). It means that vpn provider will encrypt your data and after that this info will be sent to several nodes via the Tor network so no one can know where you are browsing from.

# DoubleVPN is also supported by NordVPN so if you still don’t know what it means here’s some info: your vpn connection will be encrypted again and sent to two different servers on the way.

It makes double protection because hackers won’t be able to connect to you. And after that, they’ll be sent to one more vpn server. And after that, you’ll be able to watch your favorite tv series without any problems.

# SmartPlay feature is supported by it too so if you are a fan of Netflix then this vpn provider will help you not only for unblocking this site but also for watching videos on it. It’s available in US, UK, and Canada nodes so you can be sure that your data will be sent there.

# If you still want more security for your device NordVPN has extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox browser (you can download them here ).


It’s the newest provider on this list but it has a lot of benefits so don’t think that it isn’t good. I’m sure that I’ll prove to you that CyberGhost is really qualified vpn provider and can compete with other ones.

# You can use it on 3 devices at the same time (it’s enough for me but if you want more devices connected – CyberGhost has 45 countries and more than 1000 servers).

# The interface is really easy to use so even newbies can start using it without problems. It makes this provider perfect for everyone who wants good protection but not a lot of options (you should know that NordVPN gives you the biggest choice of servers so it will be better for more advanced users).

# Adress is based in Romania – it’s great because this country doesn’t impose any restrictions on internet usage. It means that you can do everything you want and your data won’t be sent to the US or UK (as I said before if you don’t trust vpn companies who are based in the USA, CyberGhost is a really good choice).

# It has a lot of security options (256-bit encryption, OpenVPN protocol, and more other protocols) so it will be secure no matter what.

# You can buy this vpn for only 1 year. That’s great if you don’t want to pay long-term.

# You can try it for free (I think it’s a really good choice because you’ll be able to test and see if this provider is what you need).

# SmartPlay – It’s another great feature that will help you not only unblock Netflix but also play game streaming. If that sounds interesting, here’s some info: it’s a really cool function that will help you play your favorite games on US servers.

# Extensions for Chrome and Firefox are supported by CyberGhost too.


# Only one device can be connected but it’s not a big problem if you don’t have a lot of them.

# If no one knows where are you from (and that’s the aim of using VPN) then the IP address of servers is vital. And this provider has more than 60 countries and 800+ servers with US, UK, and P2P support.

# It provides fast connection (and as I mentioned before – it’s really important for HD vids or online games).

# IPVanish is also owned by an American company so there won’t be any leaks or problems with your data.

# You can use torrents in any location thanks to unlimited bandwidth and speed.

# Adress is based in the USA. It’s not good if you don’t want to be tracked by your government but it’s great if you care about speed and connection security.

# Cost of IPVanish is really low for the quality that they give. You can check prices here.


VPN providers are really popular nowadays. There’s a lot of them and it’s hard to find a good one because there is a lot of scammers who just want your money so they create adverts that don’t explain anything but only show benefits.

That means that you won’t be able to choose the right vpn provider without any info. But if you’ll read this article carefully, I’m sure that you’ll be able to recognize the best ones among all of them (it’s a really difficult task). And PrivateVPN seems like one of the best choices for everyone who wants to protect their data online – especially on streaming sites.

# It has fast connection and servers in 50 countries (USA is included which means unblocking US websites is possible).

# It provides great protection so it will be really hard for anyone to track you (even if you use proxies or other third-party programs while watching streaming videos online).

# PrivateVPN has a lot of security options like cybersec, KillSwitch, Double VPN, and some others. All those features will help you stay safe online.

# You can enjoy a free trial (it’s a good choice if you don’t trust that company or don’t want to buy it).

# There are also extensions for Chrome and Firefox which means that they have thought about everyone who wants to protect their data with this vpn. Unlike NordVPN – all browsers are supported by PrivateVPN which is another great benefit of using this provider.

# It has servers in 60 countries (not a big choice but it’s enough if you don’t want to visit tons of websites).

# Company is based in Sweden which means that there won’t be any problems with privacy or security.

# Most important – the price of PrivateVPN is really low and everyone can afford it. You can check prices here.


I mentioned some features for each vpn provider so it will be easier for you to choose the best one for yourself. Now let me compare those VPNs again and tell you which one seems like the best choice when you are looking for an amazing video streamer.

They all have different prices but I’m sure that you’ll find one for yourself. Every provider has a free trial so it will be really difficult to say which one is the best because everyone can afford it.

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