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8 Best Free VPN for Torrenting in 2021

It is an undeniable fact that using Torrents to download music, movies, seasons and games, etc. It is not only a faster way to download anything that one may like but is also a source that guarantees good quality and authentic downloads.

However, using Torrents directly is not a safe thing and one of the factors that need to be considered while opting for this technique is the fact that it may put your system at a threat of safety issues and even viruses and bugs. Hence a VPN is one’s best friend when it comes to torrenting.

What Is A VPN?

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” and it is a powerful tool that can be used to access sites and contents that are generally illegal in your area or country.

The feature that makes a VPN remarkable and extremely essential is that the users can send, share, and access data anonymously without revealing their true identity. Therefore it is a very popular medium amongst users when it comes to torrenting.

Pros of using a VPN:

There are a couple of reasons why you should be using a VPN. To name a few:

  • Using a VPN enhances your security as you can access anything online without exposing your identity.
  • A VPN also lets you unblocked sites and bypass filters that might restrict your online activity.
  • A VPN can make a huge difference in the quality and bandwidth of your network connection.
  • You can hide your online activity and prevent the risk of errors and viruses.

Cons of using a VPN:

Despite its various advantages, the use of a VPN service does have a few downsides associated with it. To name a few:

  • On one hand, the use of a VPN enhances your torrenting experience but this comes at the cost of lagging. VPN services might contribute to a lagging and much slower internet connection.
  • Some VPN services online are nothing but clickbait and are a complete scam. They deceive users by claiming services they do not provide at all.
  • VPN services are not 100 percent reliable as the connection may suddenly drop causing inconvenience for the users.

How to choose a good VPN?

While looking for good VPNs for torrenting online you will come across a large number of them. However, there are a couple of things that you need to bear in mind before making the choice of a VPN for torrenting purposes. Here is a list of a few characteristics that you should be looking for in a good, reliable, and trustable VPN:

Complete Privacy:

Ensure that the VPN guarantees complete privacy and anonymity so that you are a hundred percent sure that you are not exposing your system to any kind of risk or threat.

Permission of torrenting:

Some VPN services do not allow users to access torrenting websites and downloads. Hence if your goal is to look for a VPN for torrenting then you should check this for sure.

Variety Of Server Locations:

Always prefer a VPN that has a variety of server locations to offer. This way you can switch to a location server that has better speed and quality for the torrents.

Recommendations For Excellent VPN Servers:

Here are a few VPN services that you can use for torrenting. Each of them has its own pros and cons. You can make the selection of which service to use based on your preferences and the priority of characteristics that you prefer:

ExpressVPN: It is considered a top choice of people when it comes to selecting a VPN for torrenting. It has fast servers residing in around 94 countries and guarantees complete anonymity for the users.

However, on the downside, it is slightly expensive compared to the other VPN services and one can connect only three devices at the same time.

IPVanish: It is a great service provider when the users prefer both performance and power in moderation. It offers more than a thousand servers in nearly sixty countries and is available without any log policies.

It supports up to five devices at a time however it does not offer any free trial to test it.

NordVPN: It is amongst the most secure VPN services that one may find on the internet. It has excellent speed and uses double encryption to offer security and safety to its users. Its only con is the fact that the users have to bear expensive monthly billing.

VyprVPN: VyprVPN is also a great choice while looking for a safe and secure torrenting VPN service. It ensures a perfect balance between speed and performance. It is more affordable and budgets friendly if the users opt for the annual billing plans as the monthly billing subscription is a bit expensive.

BufferedVPN: While looking for a VPN to be used on a desktop computer or a PC your first choice should be BufferedVPN. Although it is expensive as compared to the other service providers, the users can be assured that they are eligible for a complete refund if they are not satisfied and want to discontinue using the service.

AirVPN: Although it is a VPN service provider that is laid on a much smaller scale as compared to its rivals and other VPN services yet this is the best choice while looking for a service with great speed and performance. It is also very affordable however since it does not have a large variety and network of servers, therefore, it might not be suitable for the needs of some users.

Buffered: Buffered is a relatively new VPN service that has been recently introduced yet it has left its mark on the market when it comes to reliable VPN service providers.

It is compatible with a variety of operating systems and can also be used over a smart TV. Their customer service is very responsive and helpful as well. For the disadvantages, this service does keep a minimal log of your activity and connection.

VPNArea: A VPN service that is easy to set up, has a great user interface, and can be supported on a vast range of devices is sure to attract the eye of torrenting fans.

Their live customer support is also a plus point which makes the experience easier and hassle-free for the users, therefore, most of the users do prefer it over other VPN service providers.

However, this VPN lacks excellent speed and the performance of the VPN may vary depending upon the region in which the user resides.

You can find a lot of VPN services however before deciding which one of those you wish to use from the list of recommended VPN services for torrenting 2021 make sure your preferences and performance requirements are being satisfied by that service provider.

Also, ensure that your security and privacy are not at any kind of potential danger or risk. Spend some time researching the characteristics and specialties of various service providers to find a service that best suits your needs.

You may even opt for the free trials before purchasing a subscription to explore the VPN service in detail.

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