Best VPN For The Firestick

5 Best Free VPN for Firesticks in 2021

Amazon fire stick is the most preferred plug and plays device, as it gives the best online streaming experience through your television.

Due to this device, you don’t need a smart TV for streaming services, such as Netflix or any other service if you have a firestick. As the device is quite magical, and for the Android-based device it turns your TV with the help of an HDMI port into a smart TV.

However, your experience with firesticks mostly varies on your geographic location. The reason is due to geo-restrictions of the streaming services that you access with the help of firestick.

But there is a solution, if you use a VPN on your firestick you can get an amazing experience no matter wherever you are.

Why there is a need for VPN on firestick:

Well, there are so many reasons you need a VPN on firestick, as firestick is a plug-and-play device that allows you to access and enjoy streaming service even though your simple TV. But there are certain things that can spoil and ruin your firestick experience. And some are the reasons mentioned below which will definitely make you think and compel you to buy a VPN for your firestick.

Online surveillance:

Most people don’t like to have an eye on them, there’s no harm but it’s quite uncomfortable when someone has an eye on you and observe your every activity, it’s the same as like someone is watching you, sitting with you, watching your TV stream without your consent it all sounds creepy.

But this is possible due to increased government surveillance all around the world, this thing is happening to everyone and everywhere.

ISP Throttling:

When a person uses Firestick and streams content without a VPN, then everyone can see your online activity. This also includes your internet service provider.

There is no harm but if someone watches your activity but while you are unaware and don’t know is not an acceptable thing. When ISP sees that you are streaming they throttle your bandwidth for balancing the load.

Streaming requires continuous internet connectivity for a better experience. When ISP sees that you are streaming for a long time at a stretch they throttle your network bandwidth. And this thing should not happen but yes it does happen,

How can Firestick VPN help you?

VPN works magically when it is connected to your internet through one of the servers. They encrypt the traffic passing through the servers. Not only this, but these servers also hide persons’ true IP addresses.

This means your online activity is private and so your identity is also privatized, this is possible when you use a VPN.

Things you need to consider while choosing the best VPN for your firestick:

Using a firestick VPN is important for an enjoyable TV viewing experience. But choosing the right VPN is also an important thing and there are few things you must keep in your mind while you are hunting for the best VPN.

  • Connection speed:

Enjoyable streaming requires a good connection speed. But when you use a VPN your connection speeds got hit due to encryption.

For this reason, the quality of VPN determines how much your speed reduces. As the best VPNs will provide you strong encryption without hitting and affecting your connection speed.  Some VPN can even improve your connection speeds.

  • Strength of Encryption

For finding the best VPN you must keep in your mind to choose a VPN that has a strong strength of encryption and provides you the best protection from all threats. As the top VPNs uses OpenVPN AES 256-bit which is good, and you should go for this.

  • No Logs Policy

As VPN hides and protects you from all spying eyes. But make sure you choose those VPNs which themselves not spying on you, as they can see your things since you are using the internet through their server. make sure you go for the VPN which does not record your activity log, and which is based out of a location that does not have any data retention laws.

  • Security Features

While looking for the best VPNs, always consider that VPN that provides you the best protection and good connection speed and moreover has a special feature like kill switch. Which disconnects your internet at that moment when your VPN connection drops. This will prevent your identification and your activity from getting leaked.

Best VPNs for firestick:

While considering some of these factors there are many best and trusted VPNs, but some are these mentioned below:


Pure VPN is preferably the best VPN for firestick. If your streaming is your first priority, then this can be your definite option. This VPN is fast, reliable, and has an easy setup method.


  • Have 700+ servers in more than 140 countries.
  • Highly compatible with 20+ devices.
  • Gives you 5 simultaneous logins access.
  • Provides fast speed with 256-bit data encryption.


  • You might face connection problems sometimes with selective servers.
  • Ad-blocking is only available in chrome.

Express VPN is a trusted VPN for firestick which gives the users zero logs facility which has been proved in a recent by Russian ambassador assassination case. Also, this VPN app is the fastest and has ultra-internet security.


  • Have blazing fastest internet speed
  • Have 1700+ servers in 140+ countries.
  • Allows you to stream anything without any restriction.
  • Have 256-bit encryption.


  • Provides only 3 devices with one subscription, initially, the speed is slow but gradually increases.

Every user wants basic necessities like online privacy and protection; hence NORD VPN firestick provides both necessities to its users. It allows its users online freedom with safety to browse the internet, stream, downloading. Hence have the qualities which made it the best VPN for firestick.


  • Have strict privacy of no logs.
  • Have superfast servers around the world.
  • Have double data encryption.
  • Also, have the main feature of a kill switch.


  • This VPN is bit overpriced as compared to other VPNs in the market.
  • Speed can vary while depending on the server traffic.
  • IVACY:

Ivacy is another best VPN for firestick. It provides its users with fast and secure VPN protection. Which provides you the freedom to download and stream online content without any restriction.  Also, this VPN provides a zero logs policy which means it gives you complete internet freedom.


  • IVACY VPN priorities your data traffic with split-tunneling.
  • Provides the fastest VPN service with complete online privacy.
  • Provides 5-multi logins with 275+ servers.


  • Have slow VPN servers in Asian countries.
  • Provide no free-trial facility.
  • Mobile users may face difficulties.

Another VPN is considered to be the best on this list and the private VPN is currently the fastest-growing VPN in the world. With providing so many facilities this VPN makes sure that your online activity is private and secure, also un-blocks geo-restricted media while remains undetectable by the ISPs. This VPN also provides the maximum speed for internet browsing with no buffering issues so that you can enjoy your streaming.


  • Provides the best privacy and fastest streaming.


  • This VPN might not work with Netflix.

If you want security and privacy so that no one can spy on you or have an eye on your online activity and your logs cannot be recorded, then VPNs are the must thing and important for firesticks.

They provide maximum protection and security while making your online streaming more enjoyable without being spied. However, there are some important factors you must consider while choosing the best VPN for firestick as some factors are mentioned above, surely you can find the one which provides you the best experience.

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