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Do you want to be anonymous while surfing your favorite websites in the internet? If yes then Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the solution for your problem and VPN Garage has brought for you 5 best VPN reviews which will help you to decide and purchase best VPN according to your needs.

For those who have no idea what VPN is, a VPN is a service which protects your online identity by encrypting your internet connection. You will be surfing all day long without exposing your original location, IP and digital identity. It also allows you to bypass all the censorship on the internet and let you access the content which might not be available in your country or region.

There are various VPN services available online and every one claims to be the best VPN service. We have brought this run down of 5 best VPN reviews where you will be told about various aspects of these awesome VPNs. All you have to do is keep scrolling and keep exploring our best 5 VPN reviews.


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Rank Provider Highlights Pricing Links
Rank Provider Highlights Pricing Links
Fastest VPN Provider! Large Network!
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Speed
✔ 234+ Servers in 61 Countries
✔ Supports All Major Devices
✔ Absolutely No Logging
✔ 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
✔ Excellent Customer Support
From $6.49 / mo

Accepts: Credit Card, GiroPay, cashU, WorldPay, BitCoin, PayPal

IPVanishIPVanish Review
Largest Network. Fast and very reliable.
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Speed
✔ 906+ Servers in 210+ Countries
✔ 91,100+ IP Addresses
✔ Most Advanced VPN Software
✔ Supports All Major Devices
✔ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
From $6.55 / mo

Accepts: Credit Card, PayPal, BitCoin, WebMoney, Wire Transfer


HideMyAss Review
Most Reliable VPN. Lots of extras.
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Speed
✔ 700+ Servers in 48 Countries
✔ Supports All Major Devices
✔ 3 Day Free Trial (Cancel Anytime)
✔ Completely Custom VPN Software
✔ 200,000+ IP Addresses Available
From $6.67 / mo

Accepts: Credit Card & PayPal


HideMyAss Review

Fast, Easy, Reliable & Transparent.
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth. Unlimited Speed.
✔ 566+ Servers in 30 Countries
✔ Supports OpenVPN SSL
✔ Dedicated IP Address
✔ 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
✔ Ad-Supported Free Trial
From $5.84 / mo

Accepts: Credit Card, PayPal, BitCoin, PayNearMe, Wire Transfer, Money Order

CyberghostHideMyAss Review
Most Affordable VPN Provider with No Logs
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Speed
✔ 2906+ Servers in 20 Countries
✔ Supports All Major Devices
✔ Absolutely No Logging
✔ Good Customer Support
✖ No Money-Back Guarantee
From $3.33 / mo

Accepts: Credit Card, PayPal, Google Wallet, Amazon, BitCoin, Ripple, CashU, and OKPay

Private Internet AccessPrivate Internet Access Review

Small & Informative 5 Best VPN Reviews


1. IPVanish – fastest VPN provider, with enormous, dependable network


Positives:With over 234 server locations spread in 62 different countries, IPVanish enjoys one of the largest and most reliable VPN network in the market. They truly need to be on the no1 amongst best VPN review for their promising speed, user friendly interface and support for most of the devices including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and various other hand held devices. They also have no logging policy which makes user extremely anonymous. Their customer support service is one of the best as well. They have gained most starts in various best VPN reviews.

Negative: Things which make IPVanish lack behind their competitors according to various VPN reviewis they do not have phone support and number of servers are restricted in some of the countries.

Final Verdict: IPVanish is undoubtedly the #1 best VPN service provider as acclaimed by many VPN reviews and we recommend is for its fastest network, crystal clear privacy policy and affordable pricing starting from just $7.50 monthly, or $58.49 yearly ($4.87 per month). You can give them a try with their 7 day money back guarantee.

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2. HideMyAss! – The most wide-spread VPN Network with Amazing features


Positives: HideMyAss owns the largest VPN network in the world. To be the largest and best VPN they have got 900+ servers spread across 210 countries worldwide. They also provide customer with easy to use software with cross platform support. They also have advanced privacy options for expert level users. Normally their service is very fast with rare slowdowns based on first hand online VPN reviews.

Negatives: One of the drawbacks about HideMyAss which you will find in most of the VPN reviews, is that they keep logs for 30 days. They keep it safe in secure offshore facilities and share information with law enforcement agencies to track criminals. Their customer support is not up to the mark as they take 1 -2 days to respond.

Final Verdict: HideMyAss is on #2 in our best VPN review for 2016. It offers widespread network, high speed internet access with user friendly software. It is great for those who look for geo blocked content. For those who want 100% anonymity, we suggest HideMyAss.

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3. VyprVPN – Offering Reliability with Free Features


Positives: VyprVPN offers extraordinary 700+ servers located in 38 countries. The best part which put them in 3rd place on the list of 5 best VPN reviews is that they handle each and everything by themselves. They do not take help of any 3rd party in any aspect. This makes their VPN service most reliable, fast and secure from all. They have unique Chameleon encryption technology which unlocks all VPN blockings online. You can test VyprVPN service for 3 three days for free.

Negatives: They keep logs and furnish them to law enforcement agencies when given a subpoena. Otherwise your information is safe and secure in the hands of VyprVPN. Mac users have to take some extra steps to change their IP address. VyprVPN is not for all as it comes with price tag which is not everyone’s cup of tea. It comes with an average cost of $14.99.

Final Verdict: VyprVPN is one of the fastest growing and fastest improving VPN networks. It has come up at #3 from in the list of best VPN in many VPN reviews. Their prompt customer support is the reason behind their success. If you can afford a little extra then VyprVPN is the best VPN service for you.

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4. CyberGhost VPN – Speed with Reliability VPN


Positives: CyberGhostVPN emerged as one of the fastest growing VPN network. They have managed to expand their servers to more than 540 with extra focus on the busiest countries. There are options for both normal and advanced users. While normal user can have easy to operate interface at the same time advanced user can choose from SSTP, OpenVPN, PPTP, or L2TP/IPSec encryption

Negatives: Cyberghost has some minor connection issues which can become annoying. P2P file sharing, from sites such as Pirate Bay, are not allowed on their USA or Russian servers.

Final Verdict: CyberGhostVPN is the best VPN service for an average user who wants to get anonymous and surf internet. The software is easy to understand with various customization options.

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5. Private Internet Access – Offering Anonymity with Simplicity and Cost-effectiveness


Positives:Private Internet Access is offering fast, reliable and best VPN service in very low prices with 2900+ servers. As the name implies Private Internet Access, they do not log anything and keeps you completely anonymous. They have lower price as compared to other VPN providers.

Negatives: The only thing which will bother users is the low count of countries they have. While P2P file sharing also gets slow when compared to other VPN services. They have very basic software which do not have advanced options.

Final Verdict:You must have read various best VPN reviews and we are sure that you won’t find any VPN service as cheap as Private Internet Access is. Their no logging policy is another great feature which compels users to go for this VPN provider. If you can manage with limited countries and don’t have P2P much use, then Private Internet Access is best for you. .

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Should You Use a VPN Service?

After reading VPN reviews, many users ask whether we should use VPN or not. The answer is simple, Yes, VPN is the best way you can secure your online identity. You can keep yourself safe from hack attacks, bypass internet restrictions and surf hassle free. These best VPN services are ready to use and you don’t have to worry about the speed either. They do not slow down your computer, mobile, tablet and internet speed. Before writing this best VPN review, we have tried and tested them for years and recommend others to use it as well.

What a VPN can be used for?best-vpn
You can use VPN for the following things:

  • Use internet without fear of identity theft
  • Encrypt you internet connection to make it safe from hackers
  • Get complete freedom and bypass all geographic restrictions
  • Access geo-restricted websites when you are on the move (Netflix, Huluetc)



How Does A VPN Work?

Another thing to discuss in this VPN review is to let you know how VPN works. A VPN is actually a middle man between you and the internet. It protects you identity by encrypting all your information, keep you anonymous while surfing different websites. Having the best VPN means complete internet freedom. You can also change your location virtually, you may be sitting in US but VPN will show that you are using internet from UK. You can get all this for very low price.

Who We Are?

VPN Garage is the group of professionals working in the internet privacy and VPN industry. We have used and tested various VPN products and now decided to bring the first-hand knowledge for our readers in the form of VPN reviews. You can read our 5 best VPN reviews to make informed decision. You can contact us for any help or tips related to internet security.