These are the Top 10 VPN providers we’ve found based on our experience with them over the past few years. We’ve ranked them based on a number of critical factors, including compatibility, reliability, customer service, software, pricing, and company policies.

Our Top Pick was IPVanish because they excelled in most factors and include a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Check out all of our top picks:

Rank Provider Highlights Pricing Links
Rank Provider Highlights Pricing Links

Fastest VPN Provider! Large Network!
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Speed
✔ 234+ Servers in 61+ Countries
✔ Supports All Major Devices
✔ Absolutely No Logging
✔ 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
✔ Excellent Customer Support
From $6.49/mo

Accepts: Credit Card, GiroPay, cashU, WorldPay, BitCoin, PayPal

Largest Network. Fast & reliable.
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Speed
✔ 906+ Servers in 210 Countries
✔ 102,880+ IP Addresses
✔ Most Advanced VPN Software
✔ Supports All Major Devices
✔ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
From $6.55/mo

Accepts: Credit Card, PayPal, BitCoin, WebMoney, Wire Transfer


Most Reliable VPN. Lots of extras.
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Speed
✔ 700+ Servers in 48 Countries
✔ Supports All Major Devices
✔ 3 Day Free Trial (Cancel Anytime)
✔ Completely Custom VPN Software
✔ 200,000+ IP Addresses Available
From $6.67/mo

Accepts: Credit Card, PayPal

CyberGhost VPN
Fast, Easy, Reliable Connections
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth. Unlimited Speed.
✔ 566+ Servers in 30 Countries
✔ Supports OpenVPN SSL
✔ Dedicated IP Address
✔ 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
✔ Ad-Supported Free Trial
From $5.84/mo

Accepts: Credit Card, PayPal, BitCoin, PayNearMe, Wire Transfer, Money Order

Affordable VPN Provider with No Logs
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Speed
✔ 2906+ Servers in 20 Countries
✔ Supports All Major Devices
✔ No Logging
✔ Good Customer Support
✖ No Money-Back Guarantee
From $3.33/mo

Accepts: Credit Card, PayPal, Google Wallet, Amazon, BitCoin, Ripple, CashU, OKPay

Better than most w/ great features
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Speed
✔ 300+ Servers in 22 Countries
✔ Supports OpenVPN & PPTP
✔ Dedicated IP Addresses Available
✔ 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
✔ Good Customer Support
From $7/mo

Accepts: Credit Card, PayPal, BitCoin Google Wallet, Wire Transfer, Western Union

Emerging US-based VPN Provider
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth / Speed
✔ Supports OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP
✔ Free Trail (30 Min. Daily for 1 year)
✔ 2 simultaneous connections
✔ Nat Firewall
From $2.92/mo

Accepts: Credit Card, Paypal

New VPN Showing Promise
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Speed
✔ 28 Servers in 5 Countries
✔ Supports OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP
✔ 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
From $4.16/mo 

Accepts: Credit Card, BitCoin, PayPal, Google Wallet

 A Great Basic Provider
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth
✔ Free Basic VPN Plan
✔ Supports OpenVPN and PPTP
✔ 7 Day Free Trial Period
✔ 512-bit Encrypted Connection
From $6.25/mo 

Accepts: Credit Card, PayPal, BitCoin

Extensive Network in Many Countries
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Speed
✔ 529+ Servers in 121 Countries
✔ Supports SSTP, PPTP & L2TP
✔ Dedicated IP Addresses Available
✖ Bad / Dishonest Customer Support
✖ 3 Day Money Back Guarantee
From $4.16/mo

Accepts: Credit Card, PayPal, BitCoin, MoneyBookers, WebMoney, Payza, Wire Transfer




Ranking Factors


1. Customer Satisfaction

The most important thing we consider when ranking our Top VPN providers is Customer Satisfaction. We receive reviews and feedback from users on a daily basis. If someone complains about a VPN Provider, we’ll look deep into the issue and appropriately reflect our findings in our reviews. This is our #1 consideration. We want to make sure that when we recommend a service, we’re recommending one that doesn’t just have all the bells and whistles. We want to make sure we’re recommending one that keeps their customers happy.

2. Reliability

Reliability is another big factor we look into. We personally test each VPN provider, while also considering feedback from users like you. If you want the best VPN, you don’t want to be constantly disconnected or experience slow connections. All of our top VPN Providers offer the most reliable networks in the industry, and we constantly test that.

3. Software and Ease of Use

A VPN, to be truly effective, has to be easy to use, while still offering features that will enhance your experience and privacy. As such, another big factor we take into our ranking is the VPN Software that’s included with each provider. The software has to be easy to use, and improve the overall VPN experience. Features such as Auto-Connect and Secure IP Bind (which prevents anything from connecting to the Internet unless it’s going through the VPN) ensure that you’re not risking your identity or privacy due to forgetfulness or background software or apps seeking an internet connection.


4. Privacy

Privacy is really the most important thing when it comes to using a VPN. It’s one of the main reasons people use VPNs as they seek privacy online. We make sure it’s also a big ranking factor for our top list. We disclose all VPN Provider’s Privacy Policies and Logging Information in our reviews. We want you to know exactly what you’re signing up for. We also take these into account on how we rank each company.

5. Servers and Locations

Purchasing a VPN service that only has a few locations or servers is disappointing. It’s even more disappointing when they offer more, but limit you from connecting to all of them. As such, we take a close look at this and only list VPN providers who offer multiple servers in multiple countries, with unlimited access to all servers. This ensures you’re getting the best that that provider offers and can switch freely from one server or location to another. With a wide variety of servers available you can access Netflix from Australia, the BBC iPlayer from the US, or connect to a server nearby when traveling abroad. Having a wide choice of servers available makes everything easier, which is vital if you want to find the best VPN provider.