A VPN is a tunnel that secures the data. No one can access the data until you transfer and reaches at the end of tunnel through VPN. With number of VPN services available, it is hard to choose one. Upon extensively testing of the VPN services, we found the five best of them: Privacy Internet […]

Best VPN Reddits Reviews

Reddit is a platform that promotes free speech and freedom of expression. It encourages people to come forward and share their experiences to spread the awareness and ideas in people. It is banned in many countries due to the misuse of the rights in many other ways. Chinese and Koreans have permanently blocked the reddit […]

Best VPN For The Firestick

Amazon fire stick is as a most preferred plug and plays device, as it gives the best online streaming experience through your television. Due to this device, you don’t need a smart TV   for streaming services, such as Netflix or any other service if you have a firestick. As the device is quite magical, and […]

VyprVPN Review 2018

Whenever we talk about the digital security, people think that only having antivirus is enough and it can save their online identity and keep them safe from various online threats. We are not saying that antiviruses are useless, they do provide certain layers of security but for the complete anonymity you need a good VPN […]

List of Best VPN’s for Torrenting, P2p and File sharing

We have so much information to us which we can download from the internet. Keeping the same in mind, BitTorrent protocol is one of the most secure and de-centralized method of sharing files across the internet. It goes without saying that all the material is available to use for legal purposes. This type of file […]

5 Best VPNs For Mac 2018

As the technology is improving it is becoming safer for the users but there are always some loopholes in the safety and security. Hackers and others with bad intentions exploit these things and use them to their advantage. Here comes the importance of good VPN software. Whether you are a normal system user or a […]