CyberGhost Review in a Nutshell

Company: CyberGhost (Romania)
Protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec
Servers: 566 Servers in 30 Countries
Best Price: $6.99 / Month[/one_half]


Internet privacy has become a major concern for most of the people like us because there are various agencies tracing and tracking your online foot prints and can use them against you. So, here a VPN becomes essential. And when we talk about some of the most reliable VPN services, CyberGhost VPN is always on the top of the list. In this CyberGhost review you will come to know about various things which help you in making most informed decision regarding VPN service. So keep reading this CyberGhost review and keep exploring about CyberGhost VPN.

Policy Highlights

They have strict no log policy. They do save certain logs for 24 hours for statistical purposes but they delete all the data at the end of each day. Various CyberGhost reviews tell that requests have been made to CyberGhost to provide data but since they do not save logs, they could not provide any information. Another important policy highlight is that they do not offer P2P file sharing in USA due to certain laws.

[tabby title=”Customer Support”]
The success or failure of any online service provider depend mostly on the customer support they offer. And CyberGhost is way ahead in this thing. We have read various CyberGhost reviews and came to know about their superior customer services. There are three options available for you to connect to CyberGhost. You can use either Email support, FAQ/Forum or live chat.

Email is the recommended way from VPN garage. Their response time is very quick but it depends on which time zone are you in. if you are in European time zone you will get their reply quickly but those who are from North America face some difficulty due to odd time differences. Other CyberGhost reviews suggest using online chat as you can get the first hand information. Their FAQ/Forum is also very good, you can find answers to most of your questions.  In this CyberGhost review, we will give them full marks.

[tabby title=”Features”]
CyberGhostis laden with a lot of high end features. Their software is also very user friendly and can be used even by a rookie. Some of the great features of CyberGhost are:

Private network creation: This means you can create your own private network for friend and family to play game over

VPN Kill Switch: One feature which we liked very much about CyberGhost during this CyberGhost review is this VPN kill switch feature. This means that your internet connected is automatically switched off when you are disconnected from VPN. This protects your online identity and real IP address.

[tabby title=”Pricing & Discount”]
CyberGhost is offering there price plans right now. Free plan, Premium Plan and premium plus Plan. You can avail the free plan but you will be given a limited number of server locations with three hour cut off time, according to various CyberGhost review.

As for premium plan you have to pay different amounts for different durations. All the amount has to be prepaid. You can avail CyberGhost VPN service’s Premium Plan for $69.99 for 2 years prepaid, $39.99 for 1 year prepaid, $6.99 for I month prepaid. If we talk about the most top of the line plan of CyberGhost, you have to pay $109.99 for 2 years, $69.99 for 1 year and $10.99 for 1 month. All these amounts have to be prepaid. According to other CyberGhost reviews, their price plans are in line with other top of the line VPN providers.

[tabby title=”Servers & Countries”]
No of server and countries is the integral part of any VPN review which we cannot leave in this CyberGhost review. CyberGhosthas over 560 servers which are spread in over 30 different countries. This means you can enjoy a lot of geo-blocked content. Another thing which we like to mention in this CyberGhost review is that, CyberGhostis based in Romania which is considered heaven for internet security. Their most of the servers are located in Romania and some of them are present in Netherlands and Germany. This is the reason why they have greater speeds as compared to other VPN providers.

[tabby title=”Reliability & Speed Test”]
As we have talked about their astonishing speed in the previous heading of this CyberGhost review. We will be discussing it at length in this part. CyberGhost is one of the most reliable VPN service in the industry. You will barely feel that you have connected to a VPN network because they do not affect the internet speed a lot. According to various online CyberGhost reviews this thing has been proved and we also endorse this claim from CyberGhost VPN. VPN garage tested the service of CyberGhost for weeks and we faced only three disconnections during this period.



For most of the obvious reasons which we mentioned earlier in this CyberGhost review, we highly recommend CyberGhost for those who want reliable and cost effective solution for their privacy needs. They are one of the leading VPN providers in the industry. You cannot go wrong with CyberGhost VPN service.